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Giveaway! Miss Fluff Jewelry

Hello lovelies! I have recently become acquainted with the super-sweet and very talented Sare, the artisan behind the Etsy shop Miss Fluff. Sare's pieces are made from hand-cut leather and are inspired by nature. The results are one-of-a-kind - exactly the reason we shop on Etsy, right? Who wants to wear what everyone else is?!!  The best part is Sare has generously offered to give one of her bracelets to one of you!

 So, wondering which piece could adorn your wrist shortly? Sare has offered one of you lucky ladies her striking Graphic Art Deco bracelet, which, btw, is also vegan-friendly, just in case you are so inclined :) It has very cool tribal feel, which is so fresh right now. I would wear this with all the pretty pastels of this season, nothing like a graphic black accessory to ensure things don't become TOO eighties!

To enter, be a follower of this blog and simply visit the Miss Fluff shop on Etsy, then come back here and leave a comment about your favourite piece from the shop.

For additional entries, you can follow Miss Fluff on twitter @MissFluff_ , tweet about the giveaway,
or like Miss Fluff Jewelry on Facebook. Then come back and leave an additional comment to let me know!

I'll announce the (randomly chosen) winner next thursday - good luck!

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Gowns, Baubles and Tables - It's a Lovefest!!

So this year BHLDN opened, 
and if you've not yet been entranced by their dreamy gowns,
you've got to experience it.

 We eloped to the Bahamas for our wedding, and we loved every single moment,
but if anything would have made me want a larger affair, this would have been it.

How is anyone supposed to resist the romantic appeal of these...

I mean, REALLY!

And if the frocks and frills aren't enough to tempt you, now they've expanded to include decor items.
um, staying away... staying away... sort of :)

The other day, when BHLDN sent me an email with a peek at their take on table themes,
I had pretty high expectations... and I wasn't disappointed.

Of the six presented, the Naturalist is my favourite,
with butterflies and flora frolicking amongst antique linens and moss, 
bits of glass and mirror lending a dash of sparkle.

It's such a romantic, timeless look.

I wonder which one will be your favourite?

These tables aren't just for weddings,
there are so many ideas here for your next soiree, right?

How about using those vintage, beribboned keys featured in the Naturalist as place cards...
the dove clips from the Oiseau collection would be stunning hung anywhere, all the time, as an installation...

Go ahead, have a peek,

let yourself get lost in the pretty  :)

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Spring Cool: DIY Bracelet

If you like these as much as I do...

then you'll love this simple DIY...

the girlies and I will be making these shortly -
perfect poolside activity!


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Palm Beach Week: Lilly Pulitzer Love

Some people are one-of-a-kind.
They have that certain joie de vivre that inspires the rest of us.

Lilly Pulitzer is that kind of woman.

A New York native living in Palm Beach with her husband,
Lilly ran a juice stand at their orchards.
After creating some gloriously colored shifts that camouflage the inevitable splatters,
customers were so enamoured she had her dressmaker create extra
"Lillys" to sell at the store.

Later divorced and remarried, 
Lilly Rousseau continued operate her company under the Lilly Pulitzer name.
Her shifts were worn by everyone, 
including dear friend and First Lady Jackie Kennedy and her daughter Caroline.

In 1984 Lilly retired and closed down her clothing line,
but in 1993 it was revived and the Lilly Pulitzer empire now includes
homegoods, shoes, jewelry and mens clothing.

I've read and re-read her Guides to Colorful Entertaining and Colorful Holidays.
what comes across so clearly is how bright Lilly's spirit is.
As her son Peter says,
"mom has an amazing zest for life.
It's like a big hug."
Not one to get hung up on details,
 it's Lilly's "who gives a fig"attitude and her incredible hospitality
that has made every day a party, literally.
If you haven't read these books, go get them!

Her Palm Beach Store is the epitome of Lilly,
who said long ago that she had an aversion to
"people who didn't respond to her humor".
(Jay Mulvaney, Colorful Holidays)

Lilly Stills lives in Palm Beach, in her "jungle".
(although it has recently been listed for sale)

I love her.

Pop by tomorrow for Celerie Kemble gorgeousness,
another Palm Beach girl.

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need it! canvas tool bag

If you are like me,
you are schlepping who-knows-what to who-knows-where
any given day of the week.

SO I think one of these is rather justified, don't you?

That's a much chicer way to schlepp, non?

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The Selby's New "Model's Own" Campaign

We see them at the shows, and on the street...
always looking effortlessly chic.

The cool kids, they work by day, and party by night.
Models live hard.
But where do they go when the cameras are off?

Don't you wonder what their homes look like -
Are they as fashionable as the models?
Are they bare bones, a drop-in point?
Are they cosy nests, a retreat from the frantic pace they keep?

Todd Selby has done a holiday campaign for ASOS
with each model featured in their own home.

Photo: Todd Selby for ASOS 2010

Photo: Todd Selby for ASOS 2010

What do you think?
Any elements here you would like to have in your space?
I'm loving the panelled walls art display in the first,
and the relaxed industrial vibe of the last.

til next time..

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How your Flip Flop Purchase Can Change Lives..

We all know about Toms Shoes.
Light Green Calypso Canvas Women's Wedges
Their "buy a pair give a pair" philosophy has provided shoes
 for more than 600,000 children so far.
Womens Aira Cordones TOMS Shoes Side
Womens Navy Vegan Wrap Boots TOMS Shoes Side
When giving back means buying comfortable and fashionable sneakers, why not?
I gave them to my nieces and nephews for Christmas
a few years back and they have all become converts  :)

Now your flip-flop purchases can have a positive impact as well:


Check out Sole Rebels, an Ethiopian-based company founded by 
Native Bethlehem Alemu.


She makes her shoes from old rubber tires, 
recycled army pants ("now we are using it for peace"),
 and fabrics made by women's groups in Zenabwork,
 who use traditional cotton spinning techniques.


When you have a business doing this kind of good in their community,
it's really not much of a decision to buy from them, is it?


This world needs more Bethlehem Alemu's and Blake Mycoskie's,
but for now, let's support the ones we already have..

til next time..
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Valentino's Prima Collection : Fall 2010 RTW

Have you seen the Valentino collections lately?

I rarely comment much on fashion, as my own daily uniform consists of jeans and some type of cotton shirt.. but really, this is a mastery of ruffles...

The spring collection was brilliant, diaphanous fabrics coaxed into swells and valleys, wouldn't these be lovely to see in action, drifting along... 

And then fall.. Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri are modernizing Valentino.

Okay, perhaps the ravishing red dress is a bit impractical for visiting clients, but that spirited ruffled jacket could probably work! As could these: a sublime blouse with perfectly cut trousers, the ideal day dress, and a very practical (wishlist) black coat.. 

A motley of delicate fabrics, irrepressible ruffles, a force ro be reckoned with...

photography by Marcio Madeira via

better start saving now :)

til next time...
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