Sculpture for your Outdoor Space

Went to the Interior Design Show in TO on the weekend (IDS 2010) with my eldest Daughter.  At 10 she is a budding designer - I will post pics of her room once she has completed it - you won't believe what she has done! Proud Mom :) With all the up and coming talent that was featured, and the innovative products, we found lots of inspiration for our home and I got some great ideas for clients.

This house we moved into last summer is only 3 years old, so it has really limited landscaping.  This spring we will be putting up a fence to keep our puppy, Hooch, at home where he belongs (he knows ALL the neighbours!).

So we have started to discuss plans for the yard.  Its a big spot so I'm thinking we will tackle a bit each year, this year the trees and shrubs so they start to fill in. But I need to get some elements out there to break up the green and create interest.  Voila!  How about some gorgeous sculpture?
These giant pinecones are from Artifice.

They are 4' - 6' long!
You can custom order them in stainless, mild or rusty steel.
How would that be as the focal point of a seating area?

These guys also make beautiful delicate trellises

one-of-a-kind birdbaths

wall art

Wow!  So much talent, I am literally awed by these. I have to admit I have a bit of a thing for trees.  They are so graceful, and represent strength and longevity.  I tend to gravitate towards anything "tree-ish", but thats another post!

What about you guys? Are you longing for warmer days out in the yard? Have you started to plan out your gardens?  Do you have any ideas to break up a large empty yard?

till next time...

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