Going with A Dark Paint? READ THIS!!

I've got a little painting to do.

Paint roller by Atessero.

Yesterday I posted about my daughters black bedroom,

and my living room is also a very dark navy (Ralph Lauren Modern Loft)..


If you are considering painting with a dark color in your home you need to know this:
DO NOT use a flat finish.

If you touch the walls, they will chalk.
Meaning you will end up with whitish residue that is almost impossible to remove
 every place someone touches a wall.

The previous owners painted Natasha's room, so I did not choose flat black - 
but the living room is my own fault.
The previous owners had painted it deep blue-red, almost a burgundy,
with gold metallic egyptian hieroglyphics all over!!!

As I gleefully sanded them off (goodbye giant eagles!), 
I discovered they had etched the outlines into the drywall previous to painting.
 To eliminate bleeding, I'm guessing?

So I chose flat paint, to help hide any imperfections that remained after plastering.

I had always used a satin finish with dark colors, and advised clients to do the same,
because the sheen brings light into the room.
A satin finish in a quality paint will not chalk.

So make sure you use a satin finish!

As for me, I will be spending Monday and Tuesday
rolling on a coat of higher sheen paint in these rooms :)


til next time..
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