Life Between Red and Indigo...

Wisteria, Amethyst, Orchid, Grape, Pansy..

The variations of purple seem never ending.

Ranging from the lightest whimsical lavender to the deepest, most mysterious black currant,
they all have one thing in common - an air of regality.


This is the way I like to see purple used -
 against plenty of cool neutrals to create some breathing room.


Ready to experiment with purple?
A piece of art is a great way to try a color out in your space.

A blackened lavender is gorgeous with cool green -
 the lavender brings out the coolness of the green and
 the green emphasizes the warmth of the lavender - lovely.


Purple and brown are a soothing combination.

minimalist modern living room with purple wall art

a simple bench introduces color to an otherwise neutral space.


Painting a ceiling is more unexpected and interesting than a focal wall.
This warm dark violet visually lowers the ceiling and adds vitality 
to create a more intimate atmoshpere.

Gina Kates

The light, cool tints of lavender 
allow hits of saturated color to frolic without 
overwhelming the eye.

purple living room by dominomag eclectic living room

Gina Kates

I love the flexibility of this space -
 in a few years, it will be easy to change out the wall color and 
head in a different design direction without having to replace the furnishings.


Elle Decor

The complement of purple is yellow, of course.
When used together, complements heighten the intensity of each hue.
The energy in these spaces is very lively, as the two colors compete with each other.
Here, a soft warm yellow is balanced by the dark cool shade of purple.

Sibella Court - one of the most talented designers out there, in my opinion.
Only a few people can use complements in such intensity with these superb results.
Sibella chose a perfect warm eggplant tone to counter the intense yellow hue.

Homes: God of small things, purple room

Here is a room I would never be able to live with - but for some,  a dream space..

What do you think about purple?
It's usually a love it or hate color.
Do you have any purple in your home?
I must admit, I do not, and I probably never will.
Although helping several clients to use this hue in their bedrooms,
I have considered it several times, but it always loses out to another palette..

Do you all have plans for a relaxing and fun-filled weekend?
D. returns from Calgary tomorrow and we are chilling out around here,
 visiting some nearby friends.. savouring the last bit of summer.

til next time..

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Layers and Layers said...

I had a purple room when I was 12 ... my mom made it all for me. Purple bedspread, purple curtains, purple pillows ... I must of overdosed on it then because it's not a colour I ever gravitate towards now ... I always think its pretty but I can't have it anywhere near me .... hahaha (the damage we do to children....LOL)

Chats with Jack said...

I usually shy away from purple, but that couch in the first picture, and the lavender/cool green image are simply perfection.

Unknown said...

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