Are Color Consultations Based On Trends?

Before we dive in, a thank you is long overdue to Brittany of Gallery No 8
and to Heather of Love your Space for sending the stylish blogger award my way.
I have previously done a post for this award, so I won't repeat, but it is always an honour to receive kudos from my talented peers - thank you, ladies!

I recently came across a post written by a person in the biz
who declared that "mom's in the suburbs or smaller towns" have no idea what is "trendy"
in decorating because they are too busy.


It was included in a larger article (that had some great points)
about trends in decorating.

Truthfully, I had a hard time even reading the rest of the article
 because I was completely stunned by that comment.

When I started my business I was a Mum in a small town!
As my neighbours came over, they discovered my love of decorating.
One thing led to another, and soon I was helping everyone in the area choose colors...

(the effortlessly-chic Mum Katie with her briefcase)

They idea that people have to be educated about their likes and dislikes,
or must be warned against using a color that's on it's way "out",
goes against everything I believe in.

I really debated including that bit, because I dislike putting anything negative out there.
But it's difficult talking to clients time and again who are thinking grey
 simply because someone told them it was trendy.

1 2 3

Let's take a step back.

Each and every 10 Rooms Color Consultation is based on four main factors:

1. The Space Itself

2. The Purpose of the Space

3. The Personality of the Client

4. The Preferences of the Client

Nowhere on that list are trends a factor.
Now, if a client really wants to have a trendy space,
I will help them create it -
as long as they realize they will be redoing it in a few years time,
 because it will look tired.

Remember these?!!
Faux finishes? Country? Glitzy shabby chic? Sari madness?
You may have not indulged
(guilty as charged on the faux finishes for me - if I could turn back time!)
but heaps of people did, not always because they actually liked this stuff,
but because the market was saturated with it.

My goal in each color consultation is to help you decide
 on how to best enhance your home
 so that it functions perfectly and reflects your unique personality.

If you want a home that looks like what you are seeing in the Restoration Hardware catalogue,
by all means, re-create it.
You will have a fabulously designed room for free!
Just be aware that in a few years, you will no longer have the latest and greatest,
and almost every element in your space will scream 2010.

Which is fine, if you truly love it - and not, if you don't :)

See where I'm going here?

Unless you have an unlimited design budget (we can dream, can't we?!!)
I really believe in saving the trends for limited pieces,
primarily accessories and things that you will replace frequently because of wear and tear -
 textiles, paint, etc..

1 2 3 4

For investment pieces, like furniture and cabinetry,
buy the best quality you can afford and
choose styles that are near and dear to your heart.
You can have a great sofa re-upholstered several times before it needs replacing.
An incredible chandelier will last you a lifetime,
or at least be able to be re-sold for a good portion
 of your original investment down the road.

I'd like to know what your take is on this -
how often do you re-decorate?
Is it a desire to freshen up or update that gets the ball rolling?

After reading a really fabulous post from Abby of a Delightful Design,
and the barrage of comments that ensued,
regarding the value of a design consultation,
I've realized some posts about what a 10 Rooms Color Consultation includes may be in order!
Thank you Abby, and your commenters, for enlightening me :)

This week I will end the mystery (lol)
with some posts about what happens during a consultation,
how it will save you time and money,
and an explanation of the four factors above.

Hope you'll pop by!

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Unknown said...

Thank you for a great post! I absolutely agree. I am decorating around gray walls, because I love them and they make me feel calm. I've heard comments directed my way that I"m trying to be trendy. I actually considered not going with gray just to stay away from trends, but common sense won over :)

Also, I wanted to say that a lot of ppl think that they can choose colours on their own, and that is simply not true. I've had two colour consultations so far and believe that it was the best investment I made in my house.

I also want to say that I try very very hard not to buy things because they are trendy and mix existing items with new. I happen to love mid century modern, but try very hard to choose items I buy in that particular style. I don't want my house to be over run by them, no matter how much I love them.

lastly, thanks you again for a great post :) trends don't matter, what matters is that your house is a home to your family. Cozy and inviting. Trends or no trends.

Unknown said...

sorry, forgot to mention that majority of my friends would never pay for a colour consultation. #1 reason - they don't care what their surrounding look like and don't "feel" colour (for the lack of better explanation); #2 reason - they think they can do it themselves and save.

I feel the same way about paint, I always get expensive paint, because the colours are so much more sophisticated, vibrant and multi-faceted. But again, not everyone has the capacity to understand this. Majority think beige is beige and white is white.

I'm not saying this to be negative, but the fact is that, same as with music, not everyone has the sensitivity to understand colour. Everyone's senses are developed differently.

Just my observations.

PS. in terms of pricing, I knew the hourly rate ahead of time, and I was upfront about how much time I wanted. So there was no surprise at the end. And the designer was very accommodating, giving me many options to work within my budget. Loved her.

PSS. Sorry for rambling, but I really trully believe that colour consultations are worth every penny. And I"m lucky enough that my husband is on the same page with me :)

Patricia Natasha AM. said...

I truly ADORE the blog, don't know much about your topic, but i've enjoyed a lot!

Keep giving us fresh ideas!


Abby M. Interiors said...

You should have seen me read this post...my head was bobbing up and down through the whole thing. I'm SO excited to read your posts this week. And I'm going to try to send my readers over here. xo,abby

Unknown said...

Great post! I would have to agree with everything you said and I can't wait to see what you share!

lemondropdreams said...

I'm a mom in the suburbs and I think it's ridiculous to say that we have, basically, no taste. It's as insulting as the term "soccer mom" UGH!! Why would I want my house to be "trendy"? That seems like a waste of money b/c trends change in the blink of an eye. My walls and larger pieces of funiture are neutral and all my pops of color are in my accent pieces, pillows, lamps, etc. I do all the painting myself which only costs me the price of paint and all my own sewing which I only pay for material. My blog list keeps growing and I have to say that without blogs I wouldn't really know what direction I would want to go. BUT, I take certain looks and piece them all together so that the room is ME. I have learned and made a lot of mistakes over the years as a homeowner. There is no wrong or right way to decorate, it's all personal taste. Thank you for clearing up the misguided author of the article you read. Post well done!

homeawaits said...

Thanks for this perspective!

Heather (love your space) said...

I've been thinking a lot about this "using trends" thing, and just found myself saying this morning that a suzani fabric would be fabulous in a client's room "if they don't mind using suzani at the tail-end of the trend."

I agree that if you love it, you should do it; if you don't, you shouldn't. What so tricky is when you love something that happens to be trendy--I think your love can fade as the trend gets saturated, just from seeing it everywhere. Tricky, tricky, tricky! Looking forward to the rest of the posts on this topic!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

What a wonderful color post! i've never been to your blog before, but I love it! What helpful information!

Ooh La Frou Frou

Anne said...

these pictures are very inspirational! thanks for sharing these wonderful rooms and houses!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I agree with Heather above. You should definitely love it FOREMOST. But we are influenced by trends and fashion and it seeps into our tastes. So, you are right about purchasing the big ticket items in a non-trendy colors but still--have fun and keep things fresh. Just decorating.

Maureen @ Modecor said...

So happy to see you leave a comment on my post today. I immediately jumped to yours and read this. We are so on the same page about trends on colour. I do not and never have followed decor trends, unless it can be easily udated/replaced. Will be adding your blog to my blog roll...i'm crazy about colour, but feel there is more to learn.

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Great post Anne Marie. I will admit to spending a lot of attention tracking trends, both for myself and for my clients. I care about trends in design and fashion. I do think though that it's super important to know how much of your budget to devote to trends. Just enough that you don't mind disposing of the trendy item. You said ti right, spend your money on investment pieces and then you have some left over for the fun trends.

Barbara Matson said...

Love this post! As for the "suburb" mom comment, whoever that was - shame! I am a mom in the suburbs and I am aware of the going ons in design {maybe because I read a lot of blogs, trade publications, etc] BUT taste doesn't reflect where you live but who you are.
As for trends, etc. You are right. A space needs to be a reflection of who you are , if not, you will tired quickly. A little bit of trends here and there are great but invest in classic pieces that will ground the space and then experiment around the edges.

As for hiring and paying someone for their know how, of course. When I finally buy my house, I am going to hire someone, to save me heartache, time and money in the long run!

Keep up this awesome posts, love them!

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

GREAT post!!! Trends are fun, but not EVERYTHING in design. I could use a color consultation right now... I swear I'm going to start losing square footage if I keep 'trying again' in my quest to find the right white.

beautiful girl names said...

Thank you for a great post! I absolutely agree. I am decorating around gray walls, because I love them and they make me feel calm. I've heard comments directed my way that I"m trying to be trendy. I actually considered not going with gray just to stay away from trends, but common sense won over :)

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