Small Updates from Ikea

So sometimes you just want to give a room a little boost, something inexpensive to bring some new life without a big overhaul.

I was cruising through the Ikea site and saw these little lovelies...

First, some great lampshades that you can pop onto an existing lamp or you can pick up the bases there, too.  These Styke Shades incorperate the current trend of photographic art morphing onto furnishings..

The flowers are pretty and graphic, the city image is perfect for a downtown spot, but look at the tree!  I love this!  May have to find a spot for it, somewhere....

Ikeas posters are always fun and the price lets you change them often.  Typography is HUGE right now, and the Bild posters offer you some fantastic choices:

as well as a great black Ny map, perfect to satisfy for craving for black without a big commitment:

You could use these like this:

Molly Sims Apartment

Via Apartment Therapy

I think the typography post could get very large :) so I will save it for next week!

Here is the last thing Ikea had that I thought was pretty cool - 
the Plank Room Divider -it's made out of banana leaves, palm leaves, seagrass and coir.
perfect to add a little textural interest to a bland wall, or as a divider for those of us lucky enough to have open space living!


til next time...
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