Benjamin Moore HUE Award Winners Make History

The Huey award, coveted among architects, has been given to an Interior design firm this year.
N.Y. based Diamond Baratta Design have been recognized for their outstanding use of colour.
I gathered a few (okay, more than a few - it was hard to stop)
examples of their work here. 
If you know someone who suffers from "the beigies", 
this would be a good time to send a little inspiration their way..

Starting off at least colour  and easing our way into the rainbow...

love the hit of blue on these oversized pendants - imagine the room without them. The floor adds interest without stealing the show.

Beautiful Cobalt chandelier and and matching velvet on the chairs 
- again, imagine the room without the blue, it would be quite dull.

Thinking about adding some accents to your space yet? I am.
How about papering half the wall (seeing this more and more lately, aren't we?)
with an exquisite colour such as this - note the patterned floors here,
William Diamond and Anthony Baratta are pretty fearless with pattern.

Okay, this one I would probably still adore in white! But it sings in periwinkle..

My favourite, I love mid-tones, colours slightly greyed down, especially this blue on the bed.
The carpet and art are playful, don't take themselves too seriously.

I think this room is interesting - 
everything in the top half is pink, and everything below is blue -
 they don't bring in a bit of pink on the floor, or vice versa, which I would have done.
The effect is very dramatic.
 I wonder if the ceiling was painted pink as well? It's like a cotton candy sky..

So much texture from the trellis, and all the furniture has been painted in the same hue. Maybe these two start with a colour, and then plan everything around that particular colour. 
This is a restful hue, and it balances all the action going on around it.

Okay, here it is - the sun!
Oh, I wish we could see the rest - what is on the other wall?

This one is a little too intense for me to sleep comfortably in every night, 
but for a weekend place...

Last but not least, this is what I mean about knowing their way around pattern, they are so talented.
I count seven different prints right away.
 That wing chair in the back is stealing the show.
What do you think? Could you have this room in your home?

Does this make you want to commit to a bit more colour and pattern in your own space?
Or are you already there?

til next time...

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Jessica said...

Um that floor in the first image is AWESOME...

I have the Diamond Baratta book, while it isn't quite my style, it is bright and cheerful and fantastic...

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

if only those pendants were yellow :)


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