Kelly Wearstler Mixes it Up

Kelly Wearstler's new book, Hue is a stunner.  I thought this woman was talented before, but she just keeps evolving.  This book shows how well she uses scale, form and colour.  It's refreshing to see a designer skip the iconic furniture designs and head in a new direction. The brightly painted furniture of previous designs has taken a back seat to a more muted palette full of texture.  Colors are rich and sophisticated.  Luxe materials and finishes are stars.
  I'll be looking at these ones for inspiration for a long time.
Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The Foyer as a Work of Art

The Best Parties Happen Here

Symmetry and a Stunning Take on the Checkerboard Floor in the Hall

Look at Those Walls! 

Layers of Great Taste

Again, the Floors - and the Walls, and the Trim - Gold Looking it Best

From Hue, Kelly Wearstler, Photos by Grey Crawford

This really makes me take a good, hard look at my own home and realize that I have been playing a bit on the safe side lately. Do you know what I mean?

Time to liven it up a little.

til next time..
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