Spy Cams in Urban Barn?

So there is a great furniture store called Urban Barn.

Being based out of the west coast, i think they may have succumbed to Olympic Fever...
Their store manager in Vancouver, Robbie, is moving into the store for the duration of the Games.

There are spy cams online so you can watch Robbie in all his glory.
Hmm.. something tells me I'd rather not!

Now, the store has great pieces - we got our bedroom chest from there:

it's the Bahama dresser, made from reclaimed timbers from Siberia,
 with dovetail joins and a hand - oiled finish
After three years, I still love it completely, not a small thing for me,
and the fact they are still selling it tells you something.

The new piece I am lusting after is this coffee table

it's the Wheelie table, and alas, it's on sale and I may not be able to get it when the budget allows -
there are so many things above it on "the list" -
but its perfect - imperfect finish, warm wood, simple lines with a little industrial kick...

I often source out furniture for clients here, Urban Barn has lasting quality furnishings at fantastic prices - and they will usually try to accommodate you if you have a custom request. 

So what do you think of this promotional stunt?
Is it going to make you more or less likely to shop
 at a place that uses such a shameless gimmick? 
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