Use Your China!

One of the most commonly overlooked areas in homes are the walls.  Many people don't hang anything up, thinking they can't afford it.  Sometimes people hang up a lot, but it is disconnected from the room it is in or doesn't mesh with the decorating style.  Personal photos are a fantastic way to fill in the blanks.  However, in staging, we encourage people to remove personal photos because buyers tend to get distracted by them, and sometimes feel uncomfortable seeing whose home they are in.

I am constantly challenged to come up with ways of decorating the walls on a tight budget.  So I have decided to do some posts about it.

One of the easiest ways to fill in blank walls is to use things you already own as display.  Everyone has plates.  Most of us have an overflowing china cabinet full of potential groupings, and if not, visiting secondhand and discount retailers will give you plenty of options. 

Find plates that have a common color or theme, such as birds.  The easiest method is to start with the largest item, and work out in a circular manner.  If you are a little more daring, try asymmetry for a sculptural look.

Even a single plate can have great effect

Plates aren't just for the kitchen or dining room, use them anywhere.  Here we see Fornisetti plates in Max Arizias foyer and Fornasetti repros in a gorgeous guest bedroom from Style at Home.

Plates can be used to fill out groupings, mix it up with pictures or create a formal arrangement.

There's really unlimited options here.  Be creative!  Next week I'll do another post on how to liven up your walls.  If you have ideas or pics, send them to me and I'll post them - thanks!

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