Welcome Home, Remington...

So today I brought home my new baby.  He is a bit worse for the wear, grey paint chipping in spots and quite dusty, but after years of neglect, what can you expect?

I was one of the people who resisted word processing as it slowly took over from typewriters.
I loved that click clack, the music of writers. I loved the irregularity of the type, the permanence of it.
So, I found two Remington Quiet -Riters on kijiji for $10, and went to liberate them from their crawlspace.
One does not type, and is in pretty bad shape, but I am thinking it may provide parts for this guy, who sprung right back into action, typing perfectly although he has been stored for twenty years!

Now I have no excuse to begin a little project that I have been contemplating, and as soon as I get it under way I will share it here. For today, I am going to find out exactly how to clean up one of these old fellas, and give him some much-needed TLC.

til next time..
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Anonymous said...

It's nice to meet a fellow lover of nostalgia...your Remmington baby typewriter is gorgeous...I have a vintage black one! I'm your newest follower....feel free to stop by and visit with me sometime!

Ciao Bella!



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