Whistler, The Home of the 2010 Olympics...

When I nineteen I went backpacking through Europe, 
came home to Toronto for three weeks and moved to Whistler, BC.
The backpacking trip was incredible, and opened my eyes to the world - 
but Whistler captured my heart. 
Coming from a place where there are no real hills, let alone mountains,
and the majority of the scenery is sprawl -
British Columbia was surreal.

One road to Whistler? Really?

The 2 hour trip along the sea to sky highway, highway 99,
 from Vancouver to Whistler has been blasted through the Coast Mountains.
On one side, a rock face, sheer granite with the occasional waterfall.
On the other, glorious views of the Howe Sound.

About half way up you pass through Squamish, 
so named for the Squamish Indians that originated here.
Home to "the Chief", a world class rock climbing destination, 
a giant granite rock formation that resembles and indian chief lying on his side.
Squamish is also a world class windsurfing destination.

Then up the road to Whistler.  Ahhh, Whistler.

When I lived here it was much less developed than it is today.

Whistler mountain was still owned by locals, Hugh Smythe ruled Blackcomb Mountain.
I worked at the Horstman Hut, a tiny cabin/restaurant at the top of the Blackcomb Glacier.  
We were a mile up from the village of Whistler, usually basking in the sun, while the clouds, if any, were below us, rolling out like a soft white sea..

 It was incredible, and although my husband was there at the same time as I, 
we never met until we were both back in Toronto.
 Our dream has always been to move back there,
 although Real Estate has become almost unattainable now.  
That is our retirement goal, and although its a lofty one, it keeps us motivated!

That was a lot of writing, but here's some chalets I was drooling over this morning - 
don't think I'll be retiring to one of these, but they are gorgeous :)

Soaring woodbeamed ceilings? Check.
Enormous Custom Gourmet Kitchen? Check.
Fireplace? Check.
Wine cellar? Steam Room? Wet Bar? Check.
HEATED driveway? Check!
This one really was made for Whistler :)

Moving on...

For the more minimalist mountain lover,

Prefer A more eco-friendly choice?
Go new for energy efficiency..

I think this is more my price range, but we'll definitely have to bring our toolbelts!

The price you pay to live in paradise...

til next time..

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