Love detail? Meet Designer Angela Free...

Have you guys seen these spaces by Interior Designer Angela Free?
She used to be in clothing (levi's, specifically), but decided to change over to interiors, and I can see why -it would be a shame to let this talent go to waste...

Love those horn legs on the ottoman.
Her work has a decidedly restful quality to it, something I am always drawn to - perhaps the three kiddies and a puppy that live with me have something to do with that!!

Below is a detail of the same room - she lights up a dark space with a mirror tucked in behind the shelving - so clever!! I love the happy orange color and idea for adding a quote to shelves. This one may find it's way into my house... Do any of you show this much love to your closets?

Here, the walls become the art... again, love the legs of this little stool, tipped in gold.

Much of my house is painted in a very similar grey to these walls coming up.  Thats just the way it was when we moved in, and I have been painting rooms based on urgency - that meant the red dining room with the gold hyroglyphics all over it got priority :) I know grey is really trendy right now, but with ebony hardwood and grey tiled floors, it's just too cold for me. This is an interesting take on accent colors - yellowed greens and watery blue.

Why shouldn't a bathroom get treated to a decadent mirror and chandelier? Such attention to detail..

What about these floors? LOVE, love, love.. The cabinet finish is so pretty.

This bedroom is a bit moody - what about the artwork tucked in over the nighstand? It would be lovely to wake up to your favourite imagery...

What do you think, ladies? Did you get any ideas from Angela?

til next time..
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