Debora House's Illuminating Art

Last week I posted about Artist Kathe Fraga
and met another friend of hers through the blog..
the exceptionally talented Debora House.

You that saying, birds of a feather... it's absolutely true - where there is one noteworthy artist...

Debora is from the United States and currently resides in Stockholm, 
where her work is on exhibition at Mobila. 

I spent a copious amount of time at her site
which you really must visit - when you go you'll see why!

Debora says, for her, painting is an act of meditation in motion.

When she begins each piece, she does not know what the outcome will be, 
and this frees her from being attached to a specific result.

Her work captures light in such spectacularly radiant way...

There are so many that I wanted to show you, but this is my favourite, aptly named A Moment in Time.
It seems to be lit from within..  

Like being transported, for a little while, into a majestic and achingly beautiful world..

For available paintings, and to learn more about Debora House, go here.

'til next time..
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Kathe Fraga said...

We've always been huge fans of the fabulous Debora's work and I think you've summed up her magic and mastery of paint perfectly--the work has an enchanting glow to it that changes with the light and time of day. Beautiful! Kathe Fraga Bainbridge Island

Natasha said...

Debora's paintings are magnificent . I love that you feature artist's on here .


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