A Haberdashery - Such Fun!

I really wish Austrailia was closer.

a mecca of inspiration

Shouldn't we all visit the haberdashery (anywhere described as a haberdashery really deserves a visit!)  known as The Society Inc.?

Owned by Stylist Sibella Court, the store changes themes four times yearly, with all new decor and contents.

Now, Sibella, besides having one of the loveliest names, has a portfolio packed with fascinating work.
She sets no limitations for herself, filling space with all sorts of treasures.  I love that an old, battered piece is treated with the same importance as everything else.

I have a peculiar love for twine and brown paper, old battered furniture and little bits and bobs of nature.. once a collage of old calendars decorated my kitchen wall...I have a feeling the Sibella and I would get on very well..

the beauty of scissors...through Sibella's eyes..

these are spaces filled with a her favourite things - what are your favoutite things? Do you display them?

a paper ship elevated to sculpture, a lantern suspended by rope... and NAVY, ooh, navy..

that tambourine is interesting :)

who couldn't use a little more humour in their home?

usually we work to hide cords, 
but here Sibella uses the cord as part of the composition, hanging it over a hook..

explore The Society Inc.'s site, betcha you'll find yourself lingering... and re-thinking the word "clutter'..

til next time...
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Unknown said...

Seriously fabulous, that store front is dreamy! Great blog, I'm a new follower! xo


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