Stolen Kisses, Shared Secrets, Afternoon Naps...

The humble porch.

If you are lucky enough to have a spot like this, you know how much living goes on there:

a morning tea, watching the sun melt the dew off the flowers..
 an afternoon visit with a friend, cake, laughter and, sometimes, tears..
a popsicle feast for dripping wet, sprinkler-loving kiddies..
a place to get lost in a book, or to rest your eyes and revel to the sounds beyond..
evening cuddles with your one-and-only and a blanket..

Of all the porch furniture, the swing has always been my favourite -
(although tomorrows post may have me changing my mind!)
soothing like a rocker, but room for a friend.

Timeless and cool in white, perfect against brights and preppy stripes:


Martha Stewart's sophisticated take: 
a black, white and yellow palette remains restful with clean lines and restrained hits of color.
Love how there is no flowering plants, just greenery.

Black again, but adding purple, flowers and wooden planters relaxes the look. 

How about a tropical feel?
Natural wood, a comfy seagrass rug, rattan tables
 and the vibrant green, leafy patterned fabric feel fresh and invite lounging..

This is coming close to daybed status! 
All that missing is a spot to put the best Lemonade Iced Tea you've ever tasted...

Ahh, one to covet:
That swinging seat is adorable, and the daybed is divine -
sheer curtains can be closed for privacy,
love the warmth of the fabrics and the architectural elements

All right , you can see where this is going...
stop by tomorrow for some of the most lovely of sleeping quarters :)

til next time..
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