Stylist Maxine Brady: It's All In The Mix..

I'm liking the romantic stylings of Maxine Brady, Interior Stylist.

She calls her style approachable, but it's more than that, a dashing mix.
These spaces beckon, they tempt.

Tucked away under the stars..

Rustic pieces and old-world gold frame modern art - and live in harmony with a very urban lamp..

An anything-but-basic black chest anchors this space, where old rusted architectural elements and mid-century pieces mix happily.

Silver candlesticks and paper lanterns! A friendly simplicity..

Perhaps it's partly because these are all my favourite colors - but I feel like framing this!

Ms. Brady's work has appeared in House Beautiful, and several other large publications.
Can't wait to see more..

til next time..

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Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

Very Nice and I can see myself sitting out on that patio with the lanterns as the evening sets. Lovely, can't wait for more.

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

Yes, just add a bottle of wine and an old friend ;)

Unknown said...

Wow. They tempt alright! xx


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