Dads. What Would Do Without Them?

 When I think of my Father I always smile..

 Lulu on her Dad's Shoulders. by pope saint victor.

He is a heartwarming man,
of great integrity and kindness.

As a child I thought all Dad's were like this.

Now I know it's only the special ones.

Dad by MC Law.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad.

We Love You.

This is the present my little Coco has made for her Dad..

I'm pretty sure he is her favourite person on the planet. Forever.

til next time..
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Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

Wonderful words and photos. Your post brought a wide smile to my face as I remember my Dad too.

Mary said...

Sweet post! I still laugh when I think of the special gift you got for your Dad one year at Consumers Distributing! I'd love to make a cake someday for you and Dave, but I'd have to take over your kitchen, because I am not keen on driving with a cake ever again! 4 km almost did me in, I can't even imagine 500!


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