The Vibrant Art of Helen Ferguson Crawford

"once I was waiting, cloaked in gray"

"the daily constraints and assumptions we face in the everyday world fascinate me.."

"when we are overwhelmed by the day, submerged and lost.."

"the time of day when we are trying to exhale without knowing it.."

"the fleeting moments.."

" a hush is defined by bright colors.."

"a figure is haunting, bold yet fading.."

"the intensity, texture and luminosity of color makes the small, transitory moments I seek visible"

                                       -Helen Ferguson Crawford

Rare is the visual artist that can express herself as well with words as with imagery.
I would have simply admired her work, but now I am swooning. 

til next time..
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Terry said...

These are beautiful! And love the blog!

Susan said...

Wow. She is very talented. Love the fourth one.


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