Caitlin Moran Interiors: Well-Placed Color

Caitlin Moran has an aesthetic that I love.
Gutsy, a little unexpected, clean lines, and lovely bits of color.

Photographer Kathryn MacDonald captures the essence of these rooms perfectly.

Here's navy again, working it's magic...

Navy will bring out the orange tones in everything around it, 
so medium of dark toned woods look rich and warm.
The living room incorperates the same palette, so the rooms flow very well.

The pops of pink and yellow inject a little energy.
The pattern on the curtains and carpet are bold choices.
How cute is that bar?

In another project, the walls are painted out a soft white,
preventing the ornate moldings from overwhelming everything else in the room.

Although this is a more restrained palette, 
she has still used color to lead your eye through the space -
the red garden stool and red antique cabinet on opposite sides of the room, for example.

Love the uber-comfortable dining seating.. 
picturing long meals with friends and wine...

A lighter, approach - this space is lacking in architectural interest,
but the color creates interest.
Orange and blue are complements, 
and while they can be a bit intense if heavily saturated colors are used,
the airy, watery blues here are much easier to live with.

fantastic art, no?!!

Love to see color used so well!
It's amazing what a few accent pieces can do..

til next time..

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Layers and Layers said...

Wow, this place is amazing!!! really loved it, thanks for sharing it with us!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

just adore that second last image, and the artwork is stunning!


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