Attention CEO's: How to Increase Productivity and Raise Spirits in the Office!

Yesterday I showed you some interiors by the DeCesare Group.

Today I want to share some work spaces they designed.
Print them off, stash them around the office, maybe someone will get the hint!

creature comforts: these chairs really beat the green and burgundy lovelies that so many offices have floating around..

reclaimed woods, GORGEOUS doors and chandeliers? Yes please.


Photography studio goodness...
those subway signs are destined to go the way of the "keep calm" posters,
 but their graphic quality is quite admirable, isn't it?

Slightly softer in the office area - oatmeal linen and walls, warm tones in the photography.

Retail that looks good enough to bring home... don't you love those lights?

A gallery wall done right - sometimes these get a bit scattered.
This is cohesive but has loads of interest.

There you are.
Think those will inspire the boss?
How does your work space compare?
I'm a one-woman show over here, but perhaps one day there will be a 10 Rooms Office :)

Taking the kids to Wonderland today.. roller coaster mania -
 think they have inherited their Mum and Dad's love for speed!

tomorrow I have another interview for you..

til next time..

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Chats with Jack said...

Wow. Who is it that gets to work in these amazing spaces? I especially like the gallery wall/bench image, and have saved it to my inspiration folder. Have fun today!

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

These work spaces would surely inspire employees productivity. I can see myself busily working away :-) Enjoy day of amusement with the family!

Nattie said...

I am so in love with your blog now! I'm a follower! thanks for sharing!

Layerstoo said...

I would happily work in any of these beautiful spaces...hhhhmmm lots of ideas for our work space...thxs!


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