Plaid Madness.. Feeling Fall

I woud never ever wish away summer.
Love the sunshine and the warmth, the time with my kiddies..
but ever since I saw this sofa in Lonny
I've been daydreaming about plaid. And fall.
Just discovered it's from Anthropologie - of course!
If anyone could goad me into desiring the return of cooler days, it would be them :)

the plaid madness ensues..

a quick fix:
one of the best kept secrets north of the border, Joe Fresh Clothing
designed by Joseph Mimram, the man who gave Club Monaco it's signature style.

This line is available at my local grocery store - which sometimes makes the grocery budget swell!
Not too much, though these trousers are only $39!

Ralph Lauren always gets plaid right..

How about plaid on an upcycled ottoman?
an easy DIY from instructables

Upholster an Ottoman with A Vintage Plaid Skirt

Love the fanciful feel of mix-and-match plaids..

A dollap in an entry..

just a touch of tartan may do..

The Ace Hotel in NYC sharing the love..

I admit, it's not just the plaid I love here - check out their hip loft suite..

Amidst this tartan sea.. I had a realization:
Black Watch Tartan has navy, black and green - the colors of my home.
After searching for a slightly subdued pattern, incorperating those colors,
 for living room and dining room window panels for several months -
I have a had a eureka moment!

Off to the fabric store today to have a closer look and get some samples..

What do you think of plaid?
Would you use it in your space?

Maybe in smaller doses :)

til next time..

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1 comment:

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

I was a bit surprised how much the plaid added a nice pop of color. I love the uses in the spaces. I would give plaid a try :-)


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