Survivor Contestants Take Note..

I admit, I'm procrastinating..
the chair I'm supposed to be re-covering is sitting sadly beside me,
 fabric neatly folded on it's seat..

just a quick post and I'll dive into my sewing, really :)

Found this cool structure and thought you might find it as interesting as me..
it's made from Bamboo!

Made by an Indian company called Wonder Grass,
who are trying to get the word out about this amazing,
 sustainable and very strong building material.

This is meant to be covered by fabric, which reinforces and strengthens the frame..
wouldn't that be a cool addition to the garden?
a little hideaway..

Although these guys have also made a prefab terrace system available..

their real goal is to try and get people in India to begin using bamboo as a building material 
for homes..  this makes you re-think complaining about the color of you walls, doesn't it?

Wonder Grass shows the potential bamboo has to reduce the amount of wood we use,
no matter where we are..

and I do love that geodisic dome... wonder if D. could swing one of those?!!

off to work on the chair - after a cup a tea, LOL

til next time..

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Anonymous said...

That dome would be a conversation starter LOL!


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