A Fresh Take on Pumpkins..

Canadian Thanksgiving is in just over a week, and we are hosting dinner, as always.
This year we are only having my husbands family, last year we had both sides, back-to-back dinners.
Lets just say I was off the hook for Christmas!

I haven't even dug out the box of Thanksgiving linens and so on yet -
 think I've been holding out hope for the return of summer..
don't think the orange raffia pumpkins are going to make the table this year :)

Here is some lovely inspiration, though - found over on Divine Distractions-
Sally loves fall, and she has kick-started my table plans with this image.

Isn't that wonderful?
Sometimes the harvest colours just seem tired..
and this is a fresh take - painted pumkins and gourds, and those darling owls.

More... with bits of blue,  fading into flax tones,  mauves and plums..

cinderella pumpkins_inspirationcinderella pumpkins_collage

White with green, my favourite colour for the table - any food looks good served up on a green platter..
I like the craft paper and ribbon idea on the right - that may be just the thing for the kids table.
The girls and I always head into the woods before the guests arrive
 and they make a centrepiece for their table with some flowers and their forest finds.

Fall Table Runner

Simple and elegant from Martha. 
The guys would like this - there is plenty of space left for the copious amounts of food..

Turnip people - would be a great activity before dinner for all the kids - 
something tells me the boys wouldn't end up being smiley faces..

Two meetings today, and have to re-paint a navy wall in the living room where we did some repairs..
Hope to get pics up of that space soon!
have a lovely day!

til next time..

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Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

Lots of pumpkins and so many ways to display them. Lovely!

DecRenew Interiors said...

Stunning displays! Love white pumpkins, they add so much class to a room!

sandmarg said...

I'm inspired! Going to the pumpkin patch this weekend.


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