"Glamping" - Tents Anyone Would Stay In!

WhenI was young, the idea of sleeping in a tent was exhilerating.
Outside, on rock hard ground, frozen by morning, wonderful - I'm in!

As D. does not like to camp,
other than at The Royal York Hotel (as he so famously reminds me each time I bring it up!)
I usually pitch a tent out back a few times each summer for our kids.
It's cramped and they end up sleeping on me, and I'm a wee bit grumpy by sunrise :)

Now, if we went to Ellijay's Martyn House ,
I may feel differently about camping.

I found this unusual place via Cynthia from Simply Positive.

It is a bed and breakfast, with each guest staying in gorgeous sleeping tents from India.

 Each tent has it's own balcony, loo and fine-linens heaped on proper beds- 
all wonderfully co-ordinated in a different colourway  - hence, "Glamping"

Spectacular, aren't they?
If the accomodations don't win over D.,
maybe this will - a projector plays movies in the dining tent :) Ah, the way to a mans heart..

The owners live in a house on-site, and they make all the gourmet meals themselves. There is picnic lunches available for adventurers who want to try white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, or the patient who enjoy fishing. There are on-site massages, yoga, and art classes for a slower-paced vacay. 
 They offer a venue for events as well - wedding, anyone?

Now, that's the kind of camping I would enjoy..
anyone else?

til next time..

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Chats with Jack said...

Wow. Amazing. {Do I say that on every post?!} Glamping is probably the only type of camping I would do. I may need to re-post to spread the love.

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

Thanks for the mention in this post. It looks like a great place to camp without having to pitch your own tent. I know you like the colors in the rooms too :-)

Anonymous said...

How cool! I'd love to stay here sometime.


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