Tauking Sofas: Beautiful and Eco-Friendly

Ahh, Montauk Sofa..
When my children have grown just a little, this is where our new sofas will be purchased.

A good sofa is an investment - if the frame and innards are up to snuff,
 it will do you for many years, outlasting the upholstery several times.

With dogs (that have thankfully passed the destructive stage, 12 pairs of shoes later!)
and cheetos-and-chocolate-chip-cookie loving children,
we have not ventured into this phase of sofa buying yet.
But lately, each time we sink into our trusty old Ektorp sofas in the family room,
I have a brief urge to hit the Montauk Sofa site!! 

Really, I'm not sure how I could ever choose just one..

it was the Scroll sofa that lured me in, years back

but then this stole my attention - I saw it in a restaurant owned by a friend, in all it's white tufted glory, and couldn't stop daydreaming about the dark-walled, art hung salon style, living room it would so happily abide in..

Onward to the woodframe version, with visions of a rock n roll living room, bedecked with a giant crystal chandelier, sparkling in my mind..

then there was the Merrick, can you imagine a better spot to curl up IN?
 it's the sofa that embraces you..

and of late this gorgeous design - a streamlined, modern take on the wingback -


 isn't that an amazing piece?
I am justifying this love by the size factor - 
shouldn't the largest object in the room be absolutely stunning?

If you need to sell yourself on a purchase so hugely above most budgets,
 consider that this is a lifetime purchase: Montauk Sofa has extremely high building standards.
The company is carbon neutral - they calculate their carbon footprint (right down to employee travel) anually and off-set their emissions by treeplanting and methane recapture.
They use responsible materials, that can be re-used of re-cycled, 
and offer a rebate on new items if you decide to give back your used furniture.

Pretty cool, huh?

Well, the budget may not yet allow for me to place an order, but I've already figured out exactly which fabric would work in our white, camel and grey family room, just in case.. ;)

til next time..

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Nyla said...

LOVE Montauk! Their products are absolutely worth saving and waiting for. I just ordered two pieces for a client. I love the fact that they offer slipcovers too. (this makes them more kid friendly *hint *hint) I agree...their designs are stunning and it would indeed be hard to choose just one!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

man that last one is stunning. great style.

loving hte new look too btw! jx

Chats with Jack said...

Beautiful. Worth the wait.

Thanks so much for your e-mail!!


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