Yea or Nay: Exposed Filament Bulbs


They've become the new norm for hip eateries, bars and shops..

and they are casting their gorgeous light in more and more homes..


Vintage bulbs are beautiful and their glow flattering,
the bulb itself become the focal point, no need of a bulky fixture to diffuse or disguise these lovelies.

So what's the downside?
They are huge energy consumers.
 I find the hum (yes, there is a hum, I swear it) of CFL bulbs really grating,
and of course the colour of the light is terrible,
but I have grudgingly placed them in many of the lights through our home.

These vintage bulbs with their wonderful soft light, akin to candlelight, beckon temptingly :)
maybe just one...

or two..

Are you tempted?

I am placing some cage lighting in a few spots in our home - 
I'll post pics of the hall light re-do shortly - 
and these may find their way to our doorstep.

til next time..

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Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

Yea for me! I like the look, but wish they were better at energy conservation as you noted. The photos in your post are great. I look forward to seeing the pics of lighting re-do in your home.

Chats with Jack said...

I like them with all the white, but not in the depressing-restoration-hardware-catalog photos. Like everything else, it's all about context.

Anonymous said...

Wish they were not so energy consuming because they are so cool. Nice examples. Thanks.

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