Yummy Hallowe'en Libations

Three types of drinks for three types of Hallowe'ens..

first - the cocktail party:

Created by a Harry Potter fan,  this was named the You-Know-Who Cocktail..

Voldemort Cocktail

1 oz black sambuca
1/2 oz absinthe
1/2 oz gin
dash lemon bitters

pour into shaker over ice, shake, strain into glass
garnish with lemon zest and a chip of dry ice

serve smoldering :)

The all-ages get together:

some Spooky Punch..


Freeze juice/colored water in silicone surgical gloves, mask overnight.

Mix up your choice of fruit juices and ginger ale,
add your ghastly ice and voila - spooky punch!

If you'd like to add alcohol, try this version: use cranberry, orange and soda
then add 1 oz vodka into each glass, garnish with orange zest.

for the Trick-or-Treating crowd..

after the first year of this my husband and I learned the secret to taking the kids out:

fill with this:

Mulled Pom-Apple Cider

Place equal parts pomegranate juice and cider over heat
with a cinnamon stick, orange zest, dried pears and apples

Place in mugs with your choice of brandy, rum or port - I like spiced rum!

Share with your neighbours :)

Which one will you be drinking?
Are you attending any festivities this weekend?
Any special decorating plans?

There's been a million posts on Hallowe'en decor, but I really liked this front porch, 

from Nicole at Making it Lovely - she's entered into the BHG contest, so head over to her blog and vote!

Off to put the finishing touches on Vampire Queen and Miss Canada costumes..
Cam has decided to dress as a hockey player, and since he is one, all we have to do is choose a jersey - 
have I mentioned I love that boy?!

Tomorrow we will carve five pumpkins (one for each of us - tradition)
and hang our mad spider collection from the porch ceiling..
I think there's about 50 now, it's becoming a bit creepy!

Happy Halloween All!

til next time..

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Sarah said...

I'll take one of the first - thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try that cider!

Unknown said...

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