Crushing on the Design of Roman and Williams

I have a crush.
These guys have almost topped my list of favourite designers 
(no one will ever be dearer than Muriel Brandolini :)
Not sure why I didn't venture further into this portfolio further when I posted about The Ace Hotel,
but the design team of Roman and Williams (founded by Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch)
 have an adventurous, unconventional aesthetic where they " combine disparate objects and allow them to simmer to see if we can raise the temperature of a space".

Anyone who uses design and alchemy in the same sentence has my full attention.

This may be a few days series - 
there is no selecting one project over another, they are all top drawer.

Let's explore the hotels first, shall we?

The Standard Hotel, cleverly wrapping a bed in panelling.

The Standard Grill - have you ever seen such wonderful ceilings?

The Standard 18th Floor - 
a nightclub that manages intimacy and excitment with such tactile finishes, I want to touch everything.

The Royalton Hotel

The M40 Club at 40 Mercer

The Ace Hotel, their most recent hotel..
 gorgeous design, where disparate objects are brought together so perfectly.

Roman and Williams Office

How very talented these designers are - 
look at how they layer their space.
Hotels must be gorgeous without all the extra accessories, 
but when these creative designers are able to create a stunning space and then fill it.. magic.
 The Roman and Williams office begins to give you a sense of how real their residential design vibe is.
These are spaces to be appreciated and used, not just viewed from a doorway.

Tomorrow I will highlight their residential work.
It's to die for... don't peek!
It'll be worth the wait :)

Spent the weekend painting our ensuite bath, 1 coat of primer
 and 4 coats of a gorgeous new white I have discovered!
Just installing lighting and shelving and I will show it to you.

Working on a condo project today,
hope you all are having a lovely, creative day :)

til next time..

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