Tree Week: The Trick to Using Glass Balls


It's tree week over here, and today we are looking at trees done in glass balls.
Although using glass balls may seem a bit traditional for some of us,
I'm thinking the real trick to making this modern is the way you use them.

In that gorgeous tree above,
Sarah Richardson has hung her ornaments in groups, 
making for more visual interest than if she spaced them all out evenly.

I"m with Sarah on loading up the tree, the more the better!
D. has resigned himself to the fact that our storage area is actually a Christmas depot :)
But you have to be careful about the weight you are placing on each branch - 
that tree looks a wee bit tipsy, LOL.

Here is a similar style in warm colors she placed in her country home.

Totally different effect when you switch from 
the more modern blue/green/clear palette to the red/silver/gold palette. 
The first tree is somewhat serene, and fresh 
in an analgous scheme that enhances the dark green of the tree.
The second has much more energy, 
due to the fact that red and green are complements.
This means each will intensify the other,
 and encourage your eye to move back and forth between the two.

If you prefer a more lighthearted approach,
I love this medley of color.
Again, they hung the ornaments in groups, I'm seeing a trend here :)

Speaking of multicolored decor..



What a difference when the ornaments are spread out evenly -
 such a formal feel.

I think I like the loosey-goosey-drunk-with-sparkle versions better :)



til next time..

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Jill said...

"looseygoosey" all the way!

Abby M. Interiors said...

for sure drunk with sparkle! Thanks for stopping by today. :-)

Sarah Richardson is one of my ultimate favorites!


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