Weekend Color: The Color You Need In Every Room

What if there was a magic color - 
one that wakes up and enlivens every space..
just a splash in each room would unify your home and, 
best of all, actually create a better living environment?

There is.
While the shades and tones will vary, the hue stays the same - green.
More specifically, the color of greenery.
bring on the PLANTS..

Green has a unique effect on (the majority of) us phsychologically:
it calms and restores balance.
That means while you are relaxing you are also regaining strength.
Green clears the head and gives you the energy to focus on the tasks at hand -
 making it the ideal color in an office 
(I just painted my own this color, and the change in ambiance is fantastic - pics when I'm done :)

miscellaneous - Farrow & Ball Minister Green - photo gallery desk brown green office  Love the photo gallery!  Flickr find! Green office with

But you don't have to go so far as painting your walls emerald recieve the benefits this hue has to offer -
simply add a few plants to each room, and enjoy.

Lauren from Pure Style Home has made botanicals and plants a signature in her work.
I love this "garden corner" she created.
Topiaries and urns raise the bar, allowing plants to stand alone in her display.


A lone topiary add a graceful note.


in pairs..



 hanging plants become an unusual chandelier..


 simple and sculptural display


Using a really easy-to-maintain variety in abundance to great effect.


Even a single plant can work it's magic.


Large scale plants can wake up static spaces -
this room would have been lovely without the plant, but it makes the design more dynamic.
 Your eye is directed to the rear corner of the room,
 a trick I use in staging all the time to make a space feel larger.


I love this room for more than just the plants, but I thought this was interesting -
 these are actually cuttings.
While I wouldn't cut down a tree to use as display, you could have a similar effect with potted plants.

Fiddle Leaf Figs are my favourite large plants..
imagine these rooms without them.



it's a bit like sitting under a tree in the garden, isn't it?

If these feel overwhelming,
start small.. a pot here and there..


Succulents are really easily maintained, put them in a sunny corner water sparingly!

they look fabulous in groups..


as do bulbs..

For thumbs that are more black than green, using zero maintenance garden cuttings may work better.
anything, from herbs to "weeds"..



or self-sustaining terrariums..

That's a project the darlings and I are going to try this winter.

If you travel frequently or just really don't like the bother of plants, even a bit of reference in your decor can give you some of the rejuvenating effect.

wallpaper.. oh, this room is incredible.





and fabric.


The best plants to me are useful ones, and I love fresh herbs in the kitchen.

Last supring Coco and I started herbs from seed, which I've never done before.
It was going great, then they all began to die.
We didn't have enough direct light to sustain the poor little things.
We popped them outside for the summer, where they thrived.
Now we're trying to find shade loving herbs to place in the kitchen..

I'd love to hear how you brings plants into your space.

til next time..

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LuLu lIkes said...

Plants don't last long around my place but those black botanical posters would fit in perfectly! Nice post!

christine, just bella said...

I love how plants add life to a room. So far there seems to be only one room in my house they like, so there is a LOT of life in that room, haha.

:) Christine

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

wow, what an amazing selection of images and a great post idea. love it! jxx

Anonymous said...

hi, just wanting to know the paint color of the dark grey shown in first picture that I believe you'd said was your living room? I'm wanting to do one wall in every room grey and am attracted to the dark shades. Thank you!

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