The Joy of Baking... and Giving Away

Don't know about you, but around here Christmas feels like Christmas 
when the aprons come out and the kitchen is covered in a fine layer of flour,
the Nutcracker playing in the backgound.

We bake for our teachers, neighbours, friends and family,
and dropping off those baskets brings a happiness that opening no present could.

Monday I made peppermint meringues, these are an annual tradition -
 the other recipes may vary, but one year I skipped the meringues, and it wasn't pretty!

Tuesday was our fourth snow day - 
so we all made ginger sparklers (the easiest version of gingerbread)
 and sugar cookies with lemon glaze, my personal favourite.
I only ate one, okay - maybe two, or seven, can't remember..

Tuesday night we packed the meringues into jars (after felting the lids)..

wrapped the cookies with paper and tied them with strings.
(and forgot to take a photo :)
They did look something like this, we used bits of wrapping paper to dress up the kraft paper.

Then we packed those goodies, a few chocolates, some specialty teas, mandarin oranges and candy canes into baskets and sent them off to school today for the kids teachers.. all 10 of them!!

Next week we repeat for friends, family and neighbours...
With two large families, and no one needing ANYTHING, 
we only buy for the kids, and the adults exchange homemade goodies.

I have given out these recipes loads of times, and if any of you would like them, 
just let me know - I'll send you a copy.
Time spent baking beats time spent at the mall.

til next time...

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Unknown said...

I'm amazed by you- so fabulous! I wish I baked-I feel like my kids miss out because I just don't- especially at Christmas- it just seems so magical the idea of mom baking and making gifts for the kids to take to school. Seriously, in awe! Well done you. xo

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

I bet everyone had a festive time baking and the aroma was delightful throughout the house. You are spot on...this is better than the mall :-) Happy Holidays!

Liv said...

I love meringues! I've never tried peppermint, they must be delicious. So lovely that you exchange homemade gifts instead of store bought.

abby @ a delightful design said...

Yes please! I need the meringue recipe.

I feel the same way as Christine--amazed by you. I hope your kids know how great they have it.

Unknown said...

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