Tree Week: Super-Creative Tree Alternatives That Will Have You Re-Thinking Your Own


Some people don't like common, traditional, or normal.
I get that.
Whenever I'm off on a new idea for a DIY,
 D. shakes his head and asks, "Why can't we just have a normal house?!"

Then he laughs.
'Cause he loves me just the way I am, right hon?!

The best thing about the internet is the ability to connect with all these brilliant minds and their workings.

Apartment therapy, you rock my world.
That one on the right would be perfect for the green room, everything in easy reach :)


This could even work with plants you have around the house, just mix in a few small evergreens..


Embroidery hoops and fabric - what could be easier?

House and Home came up with this  - love it! 

Craft paper! SIMPLE. Kids could manage that one on their own.

Office tree, done.


Those are all good. Really good.
But these are the best.

Makes you want to chuck that old fake tree right out the front door, doesn't it?!

have great friday :)

til next time..

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1 comment:

lululoves said...

I am inspired to re-arrange my bookcases today!


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