the right way to paint furniture

My love for painted furniture runs deep.
I have no qualms about transforming a worn old wood piece with a lick of color.
It's like painting a wall, 
my heart is bursting when that first bit goes on and it is PERFECT!

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One of my must-reads every day is Better After -
do you visit?
Lindsey features fantastic readers re-dos (say that five times fast!),
and her charismatic writing is not to be missed :)

That said, there are so many redo's out there people begin to think it's easy.

It's really not.

You can slap on a quick coat of paint, of course -
and it will look just that, slapped on.
To really bring a tired piece up to par it needs LOVE.
And by love I mean elbow grease.
Preparation is a must.

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This morning I read a fantastic primer at Effortless Style
detailing how to properly paint a piece of furniture.
I must say, I usually use the wood putty first, sand, then prime and sand,
but Camila is a painting star, and really goes the distance to ensure a proper finish.
Pop over and read her process..
it's rather full of great tips for reviving your latest thrift find.

Great color, yes?

Today I am picking up materials to get the blinds started..
hope to show them to you by weeks end!

Have a great day :)

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Kerry said...

Love that first table transformation! I will be painting one of the dressers in our house for the baby's nursery... and I think I want to do something fun, rather than just a colour... so I'll probably have to wait until I know what we're having! :)

Can't wait to see your Roman Shades... and would love to hear how you make them. My Mom might tackle making some for us! :) Good luck!

Abby M. Interiors said...

When we move I will have my Grandmother's hutch and I'm planning to paint it as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing these tips! {love effortless style}

Edwina@FASHION+ART said...

I've got a chest of drawers that could stand a creative paint job like this. The prep work brings out the lazy Susan in me but these are really inspiring.

tractorgirl said...

omg that cupboard is wild! I would love it, but I'm sure hubby would have conniptions

Thanks for finding these inspiring gems :)

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'm literally about to start slapping paint on my work in progress so I'll pop over and see if I'm on the right track:)


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