Is This The End of my Career?!

Was over at Jules' treasure trove of homes the other day,
and was "horrified" to find this (hehe)...

a spectacular spot with several unpainted walls!!!

What's worse, I actually sort of liked the patina here! ARGHH!

I've never lived with an unpainted wall, 
obviously that's always first on my list...
the spackle is barely dry and I'm in there with primer :)

Jules mentioned she has seen this popping up here and there, 
and I'm just hoping, lovelies, that no one on this side of the pond is getting any ideas :)

...because if you are I'm in trouble, LOL!

(ps - if you're not reading the Diversion Project,
you are seriously missing out!
Not sure how she does it,
but Jules presents one of the most delectable assortments of abodes I've ever seen -

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Edwina@FASHION+ART said...

There's a certain organic beauty to unpainted walls. Like rusting metal and the natural weathering of items left outside. But I'd save it for the shoppe. Never in my home.

Unknown said...

All of these spaces are just so effortlessly pretty and I concur about Jules and her blog- one of my favourites!!

christine, just bella said...

Haha, too funny. It's still a "look" so I think you've still got yourself a job ;)

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

wow, thanks Anne-Marie, what a lovely post and such kind words!! you're too cool + sweet. killer combo xxx

This is Belgium said...

sending you greetings from Brussels.. many unpainted walls here!
but, I think it is already a thing of the past, more color on the way again !

Rhônya Holman said...

Absolutely and completely awesome place! Keep up the great work, and positives vibes. (-:

Unknown said...

Well I've had unpainted walls in my basement for almost 3 years and it never looked this good! Or even trendy. It just looked horrible. lol. Wow but I love that dining room!!


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