So What Exactly Happens During a Color Consultation?


As mentioned here,
I'm realizing that for anyone who hasn't had a Color Consultation they may need 
a better understanding of what I am providing to see the value of my services.

So let's take the mystery out of a 10 Rooms Color Consultation :)

Phase One 

 You call or email me.

Usually, my clients are people who have always done their own decorating,
 and are feeling frustrated with the results,
new home-owners who are just getting a feel for what their style is,
 or simply very busy people (who isn't, these days?) 
who do not have time evaluate which choices would suit them the best.
Often clients are about to, or have just made, some major furniture purchases
 and their home is feeling disconnected (from room-to-room).
Sometimes they have a particularly challenging space,
or they have had a life change and are looking for a fresh take.

In any case, I try to determine your motivation because that is what will drive your choices.

I ask a varied series of questions here.
Where is your home (country, city, suburb)?
What is the architecture like? Which direction does the space face?
What are your favourite colors? What style of decor do you prefer? etc..

1 2 3 4

This allows me to prepare a collection of images -
"inspiration rooms" if you will,
that we can look through during the consultation to get a better feel for your desired result.

Phase Two

  I arrive on your doorstep, goodies in tow!

I generally like to see the space first,
then we go sit down and get a feel for what you need from the space.
I will ask you a lot of questions,
and we will look through the images I've brought along.

 This is where the four main factors come into play:

The Space Itself
Size, light, orientation, placement in the home, flow, existing finishes, furnishings, etc..

Desired Uses of the Space 
Time of day you will be using the space, relaxation vs. stimulation,
adult vs family, long-term vs short term decor, etc

Are you outgoing? Do you want an entertaining space that encourages lively conversation?
Are you looking for a retreat? A place to rejuvenate after a very busy workweek?
Do you prefer a more formal or relaxed style home? etc..

Which colors do you prefer? How much color do you want to live with?
This sounds basic, but many times sitting down and actually defining these
 clearly gives a great base palette to work from.
Quite often, the original vision gets tweaked a little,
in the example we've added lavender.
Let's say it was existing already in the master bedroom and ensuite,
 and client loves the color.
She was suffering from overload, but adding a dash to the bedroom
allows her to keep some of her favourite color and helps the two rooms to relate better.

Phase Three

Now that I know where you need/want to go with this space,
we pull out the paint chips and get set choosing!

We will go through several different options here, for walls and trim.
I usually know we are on the right track when your face lights up!
It's that "aha" moment, where everything comes together.
I leave you with a Color Plan - 
paint chips and all the specifics (how much paint, which finish) for at least two options,
as well information regarding what preparation needs to be done to your walls prior to painting.
If you like, I will email you out some additional links to inspiration spaces
 that include your finalized color palette and suit the design direction you're taking.

Many times my clients are planning to do the work themselves,
 and simple prep ensures a proper finish.
If you have chosen to use a painter, I will be sure to offer choices in their preferred type of paint.

Phase Four

Your space is transformed :)

I charge $100.00 for the first room and $50.00 for each additional room to select paint colors.
Not bad, considering for the cost of a can of paint
 you can ensure total satisfaction the first time you paint - 
no more re-painting because that pretty sunny yellow paint chip you liked in the store
 has somehow morphed in screaming yellow lunacy on your walls!

Many times clients request advice for additional color choices, like carpet, upholstery, etc.
This is based on an hourly rate and varies depending on travel, etc.. 
 I once accompanied a client to her new home's design centre
 to help her choose all her finishes for a new build.
The sheer volume of options was overwhelming her, and in an hour
we had co-ordinated every single detail of her new home
(and convinced the builder to include a few upgrades).

Does knowing all this make the idea of a Color Consultation any more inviting?
A common worry is that your home will not reflect you, but someone else.
To be clear, I do not come over and force my choices or the trendiest colors on you.

My goal is always to find that unique solution
 that enhances your space,
reflects your personality, and makes you happy.

After several requests, I am now offering on-line color consultations as well.
If you are ready to find your perfect colors,
please email me at amezeard@10rooms.ca.

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Unknown said...

Brilliant post..you will have people knocking your door down! x

Unknown said...

Great post Anne-Marie!! Super informative; it's always so helpful to know what goes on behind the scenes.

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

Nice post and gave me a better understanding of a Color Consultation :-) The photos in your blog are great and shows just what color can add to any room. Lovely!

Abby M. Interiors said...

Awesome. Clear. And I can tell (already knew of course) that you really know your stuff.

Maddalena said...


SC said...

CHIC! Thx for posting, very refreshing post!

designchic said...

Such a great post...very informative!!

Cat said...

Coolio...you are so organized! My fav part would be the official "transformation"...exciting stuff!

Anonymous said...

I think I need you. My living room is a little to boring and everyday I change my mind on what color to pick. I'm in color overload!

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

omg... I missed this post somehow!!! I think it was the week I was in Vegas! I totally want to hire you to solve this 'white dilemma'! I'm emailing you immediately now that I know you do e-consultations! Yay!


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