Katy Perry va-va-voom

Last night Tash and I joined another Mum and daughter for the Katy Perry concert in TO.

I was expecting it to be a whirlwind of costume changes, 
and a bit outlandish, but..

it was one of the best concerts I've been to!

Of course, he best part was that Katy Perry can sing.
REALLY sing.

The show aspect was original, 
based around a whimsical tale about a fictional Katy's adventure in candyland
 (or sugarville, or something along those lines!)

Her costumes were fantastical,
she is such a beautiful woman that the audience really couldn't take their eyes off her.

But the absolute best part -
discovering Katy Perry has a wicked sense of humor.
Her wit, enthusiasm, and charm
had completely won us over by the closing song, "firework".

Click the pic to see her in all her karaoke glory, lol.

(that's how you do it, Rebecca Black!)

Katy and her husband have just bought a new home....
and I'm really thinking that the interior is going to have to undergo a huge redo 
to keep up with this blue-haited whirlwind.

She floated around on a cotton candy cloud...
wore cupcakes as a top...
her microphone is bedazzled.

Katy Perry isn't exactly a brown kinda gal!

With such a traditional shell,
how to bridge the gap between the architecture and the people?

I'm thinking Miles Redd may be just the man for the job...

just add a few sparkles :)

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Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Just found your blog and of course I couldn't resist a post about Katy!!! Gah, I *so* wish I was at that concert, she is AMAZING...did you watch last season's american idol when she guest judged??? HILARIOUS. She is one talented lady and speaking of talent, you are so spot on pairing her with Miles Redd...he is my design boyfriend, LOVE. (c:

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

So glad you enjoyed the concert and I bet your daughter did too. Enjoy the Fourth of July!

Sarah said...

She almost looks plastic she is so perfect! I think Miles Redd would be a great choice for her new castle. Miss ya! xo


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