color post: green and grey

A while back I did a grey and pink post, 
and asked which other combos you'd like to see,
and the most common response was green and grey.

This surprised me a little,
as I've yet to have a client request this combination in their home.
That said, the rejuvenating effects of green work perfectly to counter the sometimes dulling effects of grey,
making this a fabulous combination to both relax you and uplift your spirits.

I think the saturation of the green is the key to getting this mix right.

Pale greens will be better enhanced by warm neutrals,
which flatter by intensifying green and making them appear fuller.
Cool greys require more vivid greens that have enough strength for a rich and balanced palette.

Grey - softened:
here, the warmth of greyed down woods bridge the gap between sisal floors and grey walls.
The emerald green accents add a punch to the otherwise neutral space.

This is my favourite look, where a bit of warmth keeps things from being chilly.
An incredibly liveable space, right?

High Drama:
the coolest grey on the walls is a good choice to complement the white and black in the space,
but I'm curious to see if you would find this palette welcoming.

I suspect this grey is almost solely comprised of black and white, with very, very little undertone.
If you removed the green curtains and chair,
 it would almost appear to be a black and white photo, wouldn't it?

Grey Love:
When you are ready to make a commitment to grey, but are trying on green.

The question is, how much green do you want?
Grey furnishings, white walls and green accents -
or grey furnishings, green walls and white accents?

A flexible look for the no-house-is-ever-truly-finished-decorator:
grey walls, white furniture, and green accents.

With grey as popular as it is, the walls will last you a few years of palette changes,
and the green accents are simple to change when you tire of them, say, next year :)

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Some of you asked if I could list grey paints for you to try,
and I was going to begin including my favourites in my posts,
but the truth is, the paints I like may not work for you.
It would be awful for you to paint your home a certain color because someone said how beautiful it was,
and then end up really unhappy with the finished results.
The light and existing finishes in your home, and your personal preferences,
mean that every home is unique, and every home should have it's own personalized color palette.

Colors that YOU love, not colors I love!
(you may not know it but I do on-line consults now, they've become quite popular,
and if you'd like a hand choosing paint for your home just drop me aline and we'll get started)

So, after all that :) ...

what do you think about green and grey together?
Is it a combination you would try out?

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Unknown said...

I'm definitely thinking of adding some emerald green now!! :)

Giulia Doyle said...

I like it. My office nook has a minty green accent wall with green boxes, white desk and the rest of the room is gray.
I love the pic with the green floor cushions.

The enchanted home said...

Wow I am really loving this! Its so fresh somewhat unexpected and new feeling, you dont' see it coming and going. I love the rooms you found..truly inspirational "i might want to change my own room" kind of rooms!!

Anonymous said...

I have a green desk and a green glass front cabinet! But no grey...

laxsupermom said...

I love the way the shot of green gives these rooms some life. Not that grey is boring, just a bit more sleepy without the green. Terrific images! Thanks for sharing.

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

This is one of my favorite new color combinations. I personally prefer the emerald greens with grey over the citrus green shades, but all of the examples you've given are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your professional insight, Anne-Marie!

Abby M. Interiors said...

I actually love this combination. The "grey, softened" is my favorite way to use it. I've only had one client ask for this combination and that's the one room I want to move into!

I always love your educational posts. Thank you for taking the time to put these together!

Barbara Matson said...

I love that combination, would never think to put the two together! Quite soothing and calming. Looking forward to getting my vacations behind me and to tackle my living room! My family thinks I am NUTS to paint the sideboard red :) Mwahaha! Can't wait to find the perfect pulls too!

Unknown said...

I really love these colors together. I'm going to paint my laundry room grey and pair it with green, white, and black accents. I know that black is commonly paired with green, but I need to spruce up the white walls so that's where I decided on grey. Thanks for sharing. I would move into any of the spaces above.

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

I like this combo way more than I thought I would! The green floor pillows are fab. Oddly, I also love the room with the green walls!

Sarah said...

I definitely would! I love the combo and noticed you used 'Studio Bon' pix - I love their textiles and featured them on my blog a couple of weeks ago. Great colors together - the grey is subdued and the green adds the punch! Its the Yin and Yang of color combos! ;-)

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

gorgeous post darl, such a killer colour combo xx

Victoria @ The FAT Paint™ Company and ÉdinHome said...

Such a wonderful colour combination! While I love the emerald green, grey & pickled wood of the first images, I think (i.e., I can't decided because they're both gorgeous!!!) I prefer the mostly softer green tones with blue/purple undertoned grey walls & tans in the last photos you shared. Really quite lovely spaces!

Haley @ Cardigan Junkie said...

I love the last set of rooms, though me and gray/teal have been in a committed relationship for a while and I keep coming back to it. Perhaps I'll try green in the guest room first!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, no. Not for me. One of those rooms was truly forbidding, the one that you said 'remove the curtains and its like a black and white photograph' i really didn't like that at all...unhappy feel to it.

But interesting all the same. Im loving this site, and keep trying to work out if you are Brit, Yank, Aussie or Canadian? I think the latter...am I right? Sorry for anonymous posts, i don't have any of the required accounts..Im Clancy, from the UK.

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Col said...

I want my hallway and stairs to be painted grey my husband what's green how can we both get what we want? Please help

Col said...
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Ali said...
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