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Sometimes I think I have a problem.

Do you ever go shopping and spend more time looking at the store display's and fixtures than the products?

One of my favourite spots to shop is Aritzia.

For those of you south of the border, you may not shop there - yet.
But I bet you will!!

Aritzia is a Canadian-based clothing store
 that mainly stocks in-house labels like A Moveable Feast, TNA and Wilfred.
 But they also cater to the high end-denim market, 
and extras include hipster essentials like Sorels, Toms shoes, 
TNA iPhone covers, Dylan's Candy Bar buckets, etc..

Whatever is of the moment.

Their aesthetic is clean and organic, yet urban.

Packaging and labels are based around specific artists each month,
and DJ's create their playlists (sometimes playing in-store),
which are available for listening on the blog.
Quite often one of these is going in the 10 Rooms "headquarters", lol.

It's polished, luxury, street style.

Their new Wilfred store in TO is no exception.

I was there recently, but my pics aren't quite a snazzy as the ones provided on the blog..

I'll take some of those windows, and the pendant, thank you.
Thinking it's a painted Restoration Hardware Polyhedron, right?

Warm white walls, filled with gorgeous mouldings,
 the raw wood floors, and graphic black metal make for a perfect backdrop.

Here it allows the product to be the star, 
but in a home this would frame out a furniture and art collection to perfection.

Loving the peacock tufted leather, overdyed orientals, art display, and panelled dressing rooms.

The cash counter, with it's inlaid marble top, before the madness.. and after!

If you know who the talent behind this is, please share.

And please, puh-lease, tell me you are out shopping and takings pics of store fixtures as well!!

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Jennifer S. said...

one of my fav stores to look at the visuals is anthropologie. I don't think you have them in Canada yet but its always great visual pleasure. :) We did get an aritzia in Dallas but it isn't doing a quarter as well as they do in Canada, I guess we aren't used to them just yet.


Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

You're not the only one looking at the fixtures and not the clothes! Love Aritzia's store designs. Their facade actually inspired our living room fireplace! But I must see this Wilfred store... great inspiration for my basement ;) Another store "look" I like is American Eagle.

lisaroy said...

Wilfred looks like an awesome store - I'll definitely have to visit next time I'm back in Canada. Where abouts in T.O. Is it?

Glendale Blinds said...

This Wilfred store has great inspiration for my basement & love their clothes.

Vanessa@decor happy said...

I must check it out! I always feel too old shopping in Aritzia although I have a few pieces. Love the design of the store and no, you're not the only one taking photos!

Beatrice@craftybeeblog.com said...

The store looks beautiful and those light fixtures stunning. I am always impressed by the gorgeous window displays that stores have. And yes, I too snap away when something captures my eye.

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

That is definitely going on my list of places to visit next time i"m in TO. Looks gorgeous. Thanks for the introduction.

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

That is one good looking store! We don't have it in Saskatoon, but I shopped there a bit when I lived in Calgary.

Unknown said...

That's not a problem at all...it's just a good eye for design! At least that's what I tell myself when I'm stores doing the same thing...

Glendale Shades said...

Love Aritzia's store designs.

Glendale Window Treatments said...

I am always impressed by the gorgeous window displays you have.

Ignite Retail Design said...

Awesome stuff. I loved it too much.


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