inspired design: forest lush

A few weeks back I created a design board - lightening love - based on a quilt that inspired me,
and since y'all liked it (and since I'm always freaking out over some piece of art of furniture!)
I thought maybe I'd start to share more of where those inspirations take me...
voila, the inspired design series - posted semi-regularly, of course!

I don't know if you all know who Kathe Fraga is,
but you will want to once yo see her work.

She is a hugely talented artist, 
who paints romantic pieces inspired by France, and nature.

I have the pleasure of being her "friend" on Facebook,
and so see all the beautiful photos she posts
from her glorious world (she lives on Bainbridge Island).

Recently, this one literally took my breath away.

It was taken in Gazzam Lake Preserve,
a place that, sadly, is at risk of being developed.

Aren't the colours incredible?

Aubergine to lilac, tawny caramels, deep mossy green,
and those snowy mushroom caps to punctuate it all so perfectly.

I was inspired..
and so naturally the result was to try and create a space with that same feel...

and anthro's Little Owl wallpaper set the scene..

furniture 1 2 3 
art 1 2 3
lighting 1 2 3
accessories 1 2 

But my favourite thing is that insane Paul Mayen coffee table.
so reminiscent of those gorgeous mushroom tops.

What do you think?

Does it have the same vibe as that stunning photo?

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heather (love your space) said...

love the board, and this new (semi-regular) series! I would love just a little more ethereal lavender in there....so pretty.

lululoves said...

That table is too cool. I would love to have one of those Anthropologie chandeliers **sigh**

lisaroy said...

Love this! The table is great but that green sofa looks so heavenly comfy! :)

Splendid Little Thrills said...

Very neat! How do you make your mood boards? I'm not very tech savvy.

Anonymous said...

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