Crushing on Colour: Barbara from HodgePodge

Happy Monday, lovelies! I am off on a cruise this week, and so the lovely Barbara from HodgePodge blog is here to reveal her current colour love with a fabulous crushing on colour post for you.... if you haven't read Barbara's blog - you are missing out! She is a diy maven who features regular projects and diy, as well as offering up a weekly interview with some pretty incredible designers... take it away Barbara...


I am thrilled to be visiting 10 Rooms today!  I love Anne-Marie's focus on colour here at 10 Rooms, I have learned many a tip from her. She does not shy away from colour in her life and home. Love her courage! She has even done a colour consultation for me {one that I have yet to act upon}.  I have a tendancy to shy away from large blocks of colour in my home, but anyone who knows me and my blog knows how I LOVE red {along with black and white} But today I will focus on my colour crush: red.  Red and I go way, way, way back to grade 1 when I got my first packet of Laurentian pencil crayons. Any Canadian kid, especially ones that grew up in the 70's/80's would have had a packet of Laurentian pencil crayons. Can you guess which colour I ran out of? Yes, red. Not any red, but poppy red. Also a Canadian reference to our Remembrance Day and the poppies we wear to remind us of the sombre day. 

But my love of red carried on into high school when I convinced my parents I needed to have a rainbow themed room with splashes of red. My favourite purchase was a red ghetto blaster. Heavenly.

Now that I am all grown up, I surround myself with red. I don't like large blocks of red, but in small doses. I think small doses make a great impact, like a pow-wow red nailpolish or sexy lipstick. Really adds drama to the space. This is one of my favourite droolicious photos.  Gah! A red door and red cabinet with Chiang Mai Dragon covered armchair. 

Red artwork and splashes of red in the rug are simply divine.

Red looks especially delicious with black and white.

But nobody does red better than the fabulous Tommy Smythe.

Subtle touches of red, that bring drama and sexiness to a space. 

Red, red, simply divine.

XO Barbara

Thank you so much, Barbara! I really, really love red when it's used as an accent in a primarily neutral space, as you've shown it here. Tommy is the best!! After recently incorporating red into my own home I'm a bit dizzy with the change in energy it's brought to the space. No other colour has the same intensity, in my opinion. Hope you had a wonderful vacation, and I'll be over soon to catch up -  x   Anne-Marie

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Holly said...

Barbara! The Poppy Red Laurentian pencil crayon was my absolute fave too!! I'm originally from Montreal so I really identify with this reference ;) Red remains my absolute favourite colour till this day. I love its passion, its energy, its courage. But in interiors I shy away from it, preferring hints and pops like you. I just love looking at red especially when it comes to paints and crayons. The impact it has when freshly applied to a blank canvas or paper just takes my breath away. It's so exciting.

I featured some research on my blog about the colour red, you might like to look at:



Both present interesting but different conclusions about the colour red.

Great guest post!


Barbara Matson said...

Thanks for having her today Anne-Marie! Enjoy your cruise!

Holly - glad to have found someone who understand the power of red!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Have a great cruise Anne-Marie!! I love Barb's guest post. I've always been a red girl in fashion but never have included it in my interiors UNTIL I met Barb and her enthusiasm for it is surely convincing me to try it.

Unknown said...

Long live red! These examples make me want to bring it back again into my home. I used it in my last and have now gone more to blues (and of course black and white). But maybe it is time for a red comeback.

Edwina@FASHION+ART said...

My favorite color combo, red, black and white. The snap of it is always a thrill!

lisaroy said...

I've had red on and off in my home - these gorgeous examples make me think I need to reintroduce a bit of it :)

Nici said...

Such a great post!
I really like your blog!
Following you now! :)

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Holy crap!!! I am still laughing at the red ghetto blaster!!! Hilarious!

Tim said...

Barb!! I love the red and what a fun way to warm us up after this mild but long winter!

I'm crazy about the Tommy's creation too! Wouldn't we all love to go for a tour one day?

Kellie Collis said...

Red looks so gorgeous with black and white. Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx


No red in my home but Barbara sure is convincing with those gorgeous images!

Anonymous said...

Sexy, appetising red. I adore red. Every image is so beautiful in this post too.


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