Anthropologie: the magazine

This morning I received an email from Anthropologie announcing their new magazine. If you've been reading for a while you'll know my love for this store runs deep, and the thought of an entire magazine full of artisan goodness had me giddy. Turns out it's really more of a blog, with several stories linked up on one page. That's okay, I'll take it :)

 The Palm Springs story is aces, featuring the work of Albert Frey and Richard Neutra, and the resulting photography from the trip became part of the photo print collection.

There's also snaps on pinterest, if you'd care to see them. I'm heading over to revel in re-pinning. Yes, I said re-pinning. The post about Pinterest got some really lively commentary going, which I loved. One blogger even sent me a comment in private, because she thought that me may get sandbagged for her views. First she fells that we are shirking our responsibility a little, pinning merrily away, without ensuring credit is being given to the owner of the content. Second, she fells once an image is out there, it's out there. Personally, I'm all done wavering about Pinterest. I will try to be respectful and link back to original sources, I will begin watermarking my own photos to make it easier for others to do the same, and I will enjoy the plethora of visual beauty. Hopefully we can make it work without losing the the essence of the site, because it's such a wonderful concept.

On that note :) Happy Easter, loves! I must have been tired last night, because when we got home from grocery shopping I realized a few dozen Peeps had hitched a ride, lol! Chocolate dipped and be-sprinkled Peeps and cupcakes topped with the marshmallow creatures are a tradition around here, so I guess that's what Miss N. and Miss C. will be doing today! We are only hosting one small dinner this year, and travelling for the other two. A very relaxed weekend lies ahead... you? Hope your holiday is full of love and laughter - x

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Barbara Matson said...

Yes, I am tired of the whole Pinterest thing too. I need to watermark photos too but with Picnik closing, I need to find another program. Maybe it is time to splurge at get Photoshop!

Angel Claudia said...

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