bring in the flamingo...

Spring always brings on a desire for lively colour and a bit a whimsy. Its time to throw open the windows and revel in the sunshine, yes? This year it's all about pink, peach and everything in between. So what do you get when you mix lush warm colour and a tad of kitsch? Flamingos, dah-lings :)

So much pretty, right?!! And how sweet is this wee vintage table? I'd love to put this beside the bath piled up with towels...wonder how D would feel about that :)

Off to begin a design for some new clients - working on creating a cohesive feel in a large rental home that they will be living in short-term with a collection of collected furniture :) It's going to be a fantastic challenge, and I'm so excited to begin! Have a happy wednesday, loves - x

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Unknown said...

Great post I adore all things flamingo! Good luck with the clients although I am sure you won't need it!

Giulia said...

now I want to buy something with a Flamingo, especially as I used to live in Florida.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Gorgeous post. Never knew I liked flamingos so much!


Holly said...

Great stuff! I know someone who loves flamingos so I'm off to share the link ;)

Good luck with the new project!


Linda @ DesignInMyView said...

OK Anne-Marie, I have gone around the house measuring places for that carved table - would look great filled with pistachios!
But the BEST - your paper towel backdrop !! (for the frosted glass pair of birds)
It showed them off well, AND made me laugh!


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