A New Layer: Desks

So we've seen layered rugs, and footstools layered under coffee tables, but what about layered desks?

This is a really interesting idea.

You get the best of both worlds - 
glam legs and a large glass work surface on the outside,
combined with storage and some soul tucked in underneath.

 Something you would try? 

am x
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Traditional Style Open Living

Usually open living means a space that is industrial, modern or minimalist. How often do we see a true multipurpose living space which includes more traditional styling and multiple layers?

This spectacular room sees living, dining and office perfectly incorporated into one, large space. It really makes you rethink the need for all those walls, doesn't it?

So many noteworthy ideas here...

Warm tonal hues create a soft welcoming envelope for living.

Note the way the sofa is presented - a large banquette that starches the length of the wall, it can accommodate several people at once and yet takes up minimal area.

A large sculptural table takes centre stage, and as the darkest piece in the room it is grounded although floating atop several large cowhides.

The office area along the right side of the space includes two generous workspaces, and cleverly uses additional dining chairs, which link the areas and allows them to be pulled to the table for larger groups.

A wall of storage above the workspaces is busy, but balanced by the wall of mirror on the left, which fills in the large area above the banquette without further visually cluttering the room.

What do you think? Would this work for how you live?

x am

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January Blues: Navy

It's January, and with January always comes the return of blue. Why is this? Perhaps in response to the glut of red we've just surrounded ourselves with for the holidays, perhaps because of the yearning for the warmer days and the sea… I'm not sure, but whatever the reason, blue is the colour of January.

Feeling inspired, thought I may put together a few design boards based on nautical blues, island blues, you get the drift (pardon the pun, couldn't help myself!)…

The painting by Jennifer Latimer got the board started. Such gorgeous texture! Generally, unless you have a space drenched in warm light, navy and pure white are too harsh a combination. Navy works beautifully with soft whites, warm woods and grieges, and that's where I took this space.

The humble rattan chairs are so sculptural that they can hold their own against a Milo Baughman sofa and brutalist sconces. That carpet provides a much needed textural element against all those sleek surfaces. Imagine a wall of glass behind that sofa, graced by flowing linen panels...

What do you think? 
Does this combination of navy paired with soft, warm, neutral layers appeal to you?

x am

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