Insane Ikea Cabinetry Upgrade

While we all spend time dreaming of custom fitted kitchens and case goods, budget rarely allows for such luxury. That means Ikea cabinetry is far more common than custom cabinetry. That doesn't mean you have to settle for humdrum finishes and door styles, however. A Swedish company is changing the face of stock cabinetry, literally. Fair warning - make sure you have at least 15 minutes to spend picking your jaw up off your desk before clicking on this link!

Superfront offers doors, cabinet panels, legs and handles 
that are fitted expressly for Ikea kitchens and cabinet frames, 
and the results are tres belles, mes amis….

I personally need these legs on something in my home right now... 

Now the good news - they ship worldwide. 

You're welcome :)

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Day of Love

xo am

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Arched Panelled Mirror: A Softer Shape

This wall panelled with arched-top rectangular mirrors caught my eye. While the rest of the space may not be to my taste,  these mirrors illustrate the power of repetition paired with restraint, yes? The clean lines, a simple arch, no muntins (the decorative dividers in windows and mirrors), paired with a decadent metal edge offer a very versatile piece. They create a linear effect, stretching the ceiling height, but the arches soften the shape. Grouped closely, they visually read as one element in this living room.

In a smaller space, the Abate Slatted Mirror from Anthro has a similar effect. It's huge, and brings a layer of patina into a more modern space, and it's clean lines update more traditional styling as well.

What do you think - time to replace that ubiquitous sunburst mirror, lol? Is this a fresher look?

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