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 Leather drawer pulls/cabinetry handles are popping up more and more lately…

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This would offer such a fresh look to a tired drawer/door, and it seems a fairly simple diy, right?

As I've been sorting out dresser ideas for our own master, this Ikea Malm hack is looking very appealing!

You can get the look without the diy with these leather, brass and bone Anthro knobs

If you are after something a bit more feminine, perhaps a pair of leather bows?

Something you would try?

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the call of the disco ball


wishing the happiest of Happy New Year to you all… 
may your next year be filled with all the glittery joyousness that you deserve! x

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La Cuisine Parfait

Every so often I come across something that literally takes my breath away.

That thing I have been searching for, yearning for, without being able to define it exactly.
And then I lapse into french, because it's so perfect.

Donc tres, très, parfaite.

This is one of those rare beauties.

I love a white kitchen, but they are tout simplement le bon, non?

I crave a new look, one completely original.
Classic lines mixed with some vintage chic, of course a little colour.

This space has that certain je ne sais quoi - 
it is perfectly comfortable in its own skin. 
Materials are used in ways that they are highlighted,
there is no need to shout their beauty - it simply shines.


I am smitten. Et tu?

x am

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