take me to the tropics...

It snowed here. My patio furniture is white and sparkling as we speak. 

In April. 

In the spirit of self-preservation, I am going to focus my thoughts on places like thisand this….

and things like this….

have a fantastic weekend! x am

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Online Consultation: Art Placement Over a Console Table

A little while back I had a client who requested help choosing art for her master ensuite bath. She has a fabulous arts and crafts meet industrial loft, and decided that her console table in the living/dining room was looking a little lonely. Voila, another art wall was in the works… thought you may enjoy seeing what I came up with here.

If you know me at all, you know I prefer to support and invest in original works whenever possible, and Etsy is my favourite place to play :)) so get ready for a juicy list of Etsy sellers ahead!! The space over a console table is the perfect place to indulge in a little art grouping, it's something I incorporate in most of my clients interiors.

As you can see, A. has fabulous taste and a great design sense. 
She has chosen perfectly scaled pieces with the right lines, materials and style for her home.

This drop-leaf table and chairs pull out and double as a formal dining space when guests come over, clever right?

First off, we needed to centre the grouping on the wall. 

Next I chose to incorporate the St Germain Swing Lamp, which offers soft mood lighting on an everyday basis and task lighting when the area is used for dining.

The existing buffalo print is fantastic, it just needed a little company, 
some smaller pieces that still allow it to be the focal point.
By hanging this off centre we can work out a more interesting arrangement.

A mirror offers up some sparkle, and an interesting shape breaks up all the rectangles.

Over top, a romantic equine photo perfectly suits a young couple.

For balance,  a pair of prints beside the light reference the white in our other framed works,
 but add softness and modern elements.

The portrait collage  print up top is by my current favourite art crush, 
a post on her work will be up shortly - it's too good!

The nude represents a piece A. already had which we wanted to incorperate...

Since A. resides in the Pacific NW, and we have used feathers in her wall art previously,
 a feather headband adds some texture to the grouping.

Beneath, a wooden carved city map represents a place close to my clients heart.

The sculptural bits on the table are from West Elm, and link the elements common to this space.

A. loved the grouping, but wanted to swap out two of the pieces -
incredibly, she already had the Horse Photo in her bedroom, 
and she preferred to use a feather element that didn't make an cultural reference.

We looked at a few substitute pieces… to replace the horse photo…

1 2 3 4

to replace the feather headband…

1 2 3

What do you think? Any of these pieces tickle your fancy?

am xo

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Insane Ikea Cabinetry Upgrade

While we all spend time dreaming of custom fitted kitchens and case goods, budget rarely allows for such luxury. That means Ikea cabinetry is far more common than custom cabinetry. That doesn't mean you have to settle for humdrum finishes and door styles, however. A Swedish company is changing the face of stock cabinetry, literally. Fair warning - make sure you have at least 15 minutes to spend picking your jaw up off your desk before clicking on this link!

Superfront offers doors, cabinet panels, legs and handles 
that are fitted expressly for Ikea kitchens and cabinet frames, 
and the results are tres belles, mes amis….

I personally need these legs on something in my home right now... 

Now the good news - they ship worldwide. 

You're welcome :)

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