The Pantone Color of 2010 has been named, and the winner is...


I really think this should be called "Lagoon". I can smell salty air already...
I suppose, after 2009, people are enjoying color as a way to enhance moods, and this one does it.

Turquoise and brown have been big for a while - here is a Master Bedroom I consulted on four years ago, the walls are painted in Ralph Laurens Ionic Sky (discontinued, not sure why).  It was meant as an escape from a hectic life, and the owners LOVED this color I chose.

I really think Turquoise needs to be used with another bold hue if it is to look current.

My favorite is Green:

a tween bedroom by Sarah Richardson:

Another Kids Room (can't remember where I got this one - sorry):

Anthropologie has some amazing Textiles to get a hit of Turquoise and Green:

How about Hot Pink? 

Or with Yellow a la Johnathon Alder?

Turquoise and White are Cool and Clean:

Bring in some natural texture/color for warmth:

Turqouise and red boho from Anthropologie.  Imagine these in a white walled room with old wood floors:

Add these lights from Design within Reach:

Prefer more Glamour?  A Dining Room and Office from Muriel Brandolini:

Another Dining Room from Sarah Richardson:

Turquoise and gold wallpaper! How great would this be on a feature wall?  Again, Anthropologie - I admit it, I would like to move into their store...

Want more?  Get your turquoise fix from your wardrobe...
The classic, Tiffany, of course - loving Turquoise with gold:

Or just have some fun at the salon - let the blacks and greys go and look towards spring...

till next time...
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Ahhhh... books

Are you doing your last minute shopping?
You are not alone! Many people are still searching for that "perfect present" for their loved ones.


The best present is just down the road at your local bookstore.  Whether for children, teens, adults or seniors, books offer immediate enjoyment.  Books can be keepsakes, proudly displayed for years to come, or traded in at Used Bookstores for other books down the road.  There is no batteries, no waste, just a chance for you to give the gift of knowledge, escapism,  beauty, inspiration, laughter - whatever you choose.
Besides, is there anything more lovely in a Home than books?  They are so personal, so revealing about the Person that lives there. I think a room without books or art is like a person without a soul, empty. They are so beautiful on display, and provide endless hours of enjoyment.

The iconic Billy Bookshelf, from Ikea:


These can easily be built in for a high-end, custom look:


Here is another beauty, from Ikea, perfect for a more Modern look or a room divider.


Another Modern Option, this Beautiful Bookcase from Opus Yoo is art and storage in one:


Tight on space? Use your Halls! Here a Bookcase welcomes you in:


Heaven! Books as Architechture -an entire wall of books becomes part of this home:


And finally, Books as Art - Witty Art:

equation Marcos Breder

 I could go on and on. 
Now I feel the sudden urge to organize my own bookshelf!
Merry Christmas, Everyone!
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The Magic of Winter

The first snowfall is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?
                                                                                                      - J. B. Priestly, Apes and Angels

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