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Yesterday was a first for me - I attended a webinar.  Have you ever done this?  Maybe I am way behind the times!  It was offered by Benjamin Moore, as a preview of their Color Pulse 2011. The theme was balance.

"BALANCE is an attribute that we all strive to live. 
Sorting the Real from the Surreal defines priorities that drive the direction for 2011, as it gives us a chance to dream of the future. 
From the rural influences to urban application, BALANCE is supported by 4 themes for COLOR PULSE 2011: The Farm, Order, Escape, and Tribe."

You can order the book detailing these design directions here for Canadians
and here if you are in the U.S.

These four themes group the major trends in design.  But how does this relate to the everyday homeowner?

The Farm is about the desire to become rooted.  More people are returning to homespun textiles, furniture.  As people try to live in ways that have less-impact on the earth, we are seeing a huge return to farmers markets, buying vintage and "pre-cyling" (buying less waste to begin with).  The colours reflect this, the creamy whites of unbleached fabrics, soft grey-brown, light peach, rose, light warms yellows, fresh green.  Warm woods, unstained, and handcrafts - knitting, macrame, stencils, embroidery. All things that remind us of a simpler time.

Sally Nencini  Come To Life Chair

Order is about the desire to have control, to structure your life and set your priorities.  This is a classic "less is more" philosophy.  Very graphic prints, geometric forms in furniture and accessories, possessions that have multiple uses and create the maximum possibilities. Circles are huge, irregular stripes, pixel patterning and color-blocking.  The colours are saturated - red, yellow, light royal, leaf green. Black and white and the entire grey scale are seen here.  Red and Black have emerged as the biggest color-combo from this group.  Clean, innovative and graphic design.

The Iconic Post-It Wall

Escape is self-explanatory.  With all that is going on around us, this is the idea that your home is a haven (thats always been my feeling).  This escape trend is light and airy design, "cloud lighting", with feminine feel.  The colors are dreamy pales, aqua, camel, pink - with pearlescent whites and grounded by dark grey and blackened lavender.  Ombre fabrics, tech fabrics that include lightening and interactive design are included here.

Cloud Lamp by Yu Fordy Fu

Tribe is "turning the me into we". This is cross-cultural design.  Having respect for your community and not just your home.  Alternative shelter, evidenced in pods, tepees, etc..  Communal public spaces.  Vivid color, teal, periwinkle, red, hot pink, light orange, magenta, lime green - combine in tribal patterns so no one color takes centre stage. The neutrals, grey, grey-brown, deep purple, camel  are the main color here with pattern accents. More organic shapes, live-edge wood furniture, huge breast-plate colorful necklaces. This is the continuing globalization of design.

The Pod by MO

Are you still there?  Are you awake?  That was a lot of rambling but I found the webinar really interesting and thought you might too!

These are trends, paths that design is choosing to take.  I think in the future we will continue to see technology become a larger part of design, and innovations in textiles and products will allow us to have beautiful spaces that relate more and have less impact on our environment.  Great news! 

til next time...
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