Its February! Celebrate Love...

February is one of my favourite months.

Just when you feel like you'll never see the sun again
 (maybe thats a canadian thing)
this day appears, 
set aside just to celebrate the love we have in our lives.

for the record, i wasn't always sappy like this,
my husband ruined me :)
and my children provide me with more love than I deserve

So pretty to hang in a window...

LOVEly Umbrella

Breakfast for your Honey

For your little darlings..my kiddies have this, theirs gives "heart hugs"

Share the love with some friends over Valentinis

2 1/2 c currant vodka
1 1/4 c champange
3/4 c raspberry shnapps
1/4 c lime juice

shake over ice...

D. and I don't give each other presents, 
we try to find some time just for us instead,
 but we always give cards/notes/poems

it was not into my ear you whispered
but into my heart

It was not my lips you kissed
but my soul

                           -Judy Garland

That is on the painting I did for over our bed.

These heart-shaped coasters were given to us as a wedding present
 - they're made entirely of recycled aluminum from pop cans! 
I have no idea where our friend got them - it was a while ago ;)

They have lived on our bedside tables in every house we have lived in 
- there's been a bunch.

See? I told you he ruined me!
Never thought I would be a romantic..

I'd love to hear about your Valentines Day plans...

til next time..

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