Joby Miller's Decoupage Genius

Craving color.
Maybe it's the time of year, we sun-starved Canadians have been know to get a wee bit antsy late winter, but I am about three grey days away from painting my office rainbow stripes!

Surfing for some colorful art seems like a better alternative.
I think Joby Miller is an artistic genius.
Her decoupage pieces embody a real passion for color.
These are from last summer, and have the feel that I am craving - intense color, graphic, layers.

Looking at these has inspired me to get going on a project that keeps getting pushed aside -
re-vamping this mirror:

Yes, it's pink! 
I found it for a song at Winners, 
seems nobody wanted a huge beautiful mirror with a chipped, scratched pink frame 
- imagine that?!

So off to get some modge-podge (is that the name?) at the craft store 
and then on to the Sally Ann to see what book is going to adorn the this beauty.
I will post pics a soon as it gets hung - hopefully tomorrow...

til next time..
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1 comment:

Joby Miller said...

Thanks for highlighting my artwork on your blog, it was very exciting and I very much appreciate the great comments. :)

Good luck finding the time to work on your mirror!


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