The New CB2 Catalogue is Chock Full of Goodies...

The new CB2 catalogue arrived in my inbox, and as always, 
there's a few things that made me look twice.

Great Hopscotch hall carpet - whats more fun than hopping down the hall?!
The kids used to have a rainbow version from Ikea, but it didn't survive the move.. this may be it's replacement..

Great use of the Flor tiles:

The array bookcase is a common sight now (didn't  Umbra have one?) -
but when used for towels they become an arty display-

Some metal hexpods add modern interest to a bookshelf:

and, of course, lighting - I really need to replace the horrible ceiling mount light that resides above my dining table - if you know of anywhere to get clean, organic, slightly industrial, non-glitzy chandeliers -  please send me a link! This one has potential:

okay, off to do some work now!

til next time...

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