Designer Babette Hayes Wows Stanford

Stanford Who's Who has recognized Babette Hayes for her extraodinary Interior Design work.

Ms Hayes has been working in the design industry for over 40 years, and has always strived for design that reflects the individual spirit of her clients.
Originally from Britain, she made her way to Australia early on, and remains there today.

There are a few examples of her work from the seventies floating around -
here's one, please excuse the poor quality

Photo via Flikr

The gold, green, fret work, and patterned walls look almost modern, don't they?

She is a versatile designer, with more than one look.

I prefer the more streamlined style she has today -

This space has the perfect laid back, beach house vibe

These doors are STUNNING

Love the sinks and the Japanese soaking tub

I'll cook here anytime.

Another project, a little more decadent...this home has so much interest in the details.

Can't stop looking at those lamps.. I would never have imagined these working in any room!

Gold walls and marble floors...the pillar lights from within, this rail must be beautiful at night-

Do you like the deco touches? Or do you prefer the relaxed look of the beach house?

til next time...

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1 comment:

Louise said...

Oh wow, I'd never encountered Babette Hayes' work before. I absolutely love that bathroom x


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